Saturday, May 15, 2010

Our Family

That's me.  Michelle. . . aka Jazzy Mama.  I am a thirty-something former teacher and freelance writer recently transformed into a full-time homeschooling mother of two.  I'm also a Cajun girl who loves football, crafting, and writing fiction.  I thought I'd be studying bonobos in Zaire at this age.  Never in a million years did I picture myself as a baby-wearing, cloth diapering, bread making, purse sewing, homeschooler.  But things work out just the way they're supposed to, despite our best efforts to the contrary.  I love my life, but I really, really, really miss cheese.

You can also find me at Chamomile Punk.

Ken reminds me to have fun and take a break every now and then.  He's also our resident science teacher, since he's the one who will sit for an hour to watch a Stephen Hawking documentary with Ella, at her request.  I am eternally grateful for this man, because we all know I don't want to watch that.  He repairs musical instruments and is a talented musician playing in a variety of groups, and he plays disc golf when he gets the chance.  Ken also gets my jokes, makes me laugh daily, and no matter what crazy scheme I come up with his response is always, "Go for it."

Ella is the resident scientist of the house.  By age two, she knew the correct names of more dinosaurs than I even knew existed.  Her obsessions grew to include snakes (much to mom's dismay), other reptiles, animals of the Galapagos, and now sharks.  Ella loves a good documentary on the History or Science channels, but she also goes gaga for x-men cartoons.   You can usually find her reading, writing her own mini books, or practicing taekwondo.  Her enthusiasm for learning makes her a joy to teach, but raising a gifted learner with sensory processing issues presents challenges for us all.

See the fuzzy picture?  That's because this one doesn't stop moving.  She's our girly girl who loves dresses and purses and shoes.  But watch out for her left hook.  Harper's interests pretty much follow whatever her big sister will let her do with her.  We spent most of her toddler years fighting a variety of seemingly unrelated health issues that we have now associated with food allergies and sensitivities.  She is currently on a gluten-free, casein-free diet and is doing much better.  We all try to follow the same diet at home (as well as limiting several other allergenic foods), and I've benefitted from it too.  Although, like I said, I still really, really, really miss cheese.