Monday, June 28, 2010

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Today you can find the first post in my new series over at The Homeschool Classroom.  I'll be chronicling our first year of homeschooling and my personal goal is to show that yes, I will fall down.  A lot.  But we're going to get back up and make it through and hopefully we'll all be better as a result of the experience.  So get on over there and let me know what you think . . .


  1. Welcome to homeschooling! We just finished our second year homeschooling, and though we never did the public school thing, I understand how you feel.

    This is a major life change. It is exciting, tiring, and a you start to feel like you may be a little crazy. You finally find your bearings and then jump in.

    I don't know if the doubts or concerns about your own abilities and choices ever leave. Especially on the hard days. But then you have one of those moments with your child, when you really see them just GET IT.

    They take a piece of ancient history they learned (that actually meant something to them) and they teach the lady at the JC Penney sales counter that purple dye used to come from snails and was very stinky and expensive. And you know, in those moments, that it has all been worth while.

    To you, your children, and your wonderful adventure ahead!!

  2. Hi! I did my first year of homeschooling last year with my 1st grader, now second grader. I am adding another child to the mix this year. My 4th grader now wants to be homeschooled so I will still be on a first year adventure of homeschooling!

    It is a lot of fun as long as you remember your goals with your family. There are so many exciting things going on in blog world that would be fun to try.

    I am sure you will do a great job, look at everything you have taught your children since the day they were born!

    On a side note: I lived in Harvey, La from the age of 6 to 10. I still miss it.

  3. Welcome to home schooling! I came over from The Homeschool Classroom.

    I just finished my first year! I have a 5 year old boy and a 3 year old girl. I look forward to reading about your adventures.

    Let me know if you need talking off any ledges...I sure did a couple times this last year.

  4. Thanks to all of you for the support, and thanks for stopping by!

    Melissa, we had a GET IT moment this week. I know what you mean. It made this whole crazy month worth it!

    Amy, that's so great the your 4th grader wants to join in this year! Harvey's near NO, right? My husband and I lived in Florida for a couple of years, but we just couldn't stay away for long!

    Oh, I might take you up on that, Deb! I'm sure I'll find myself on plenty of ledges this year. :)


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