Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer Plans (part 1)

I’m not late with this, right?  It isn’t almost July, is it??  Ok, so a little later than expected, let me share our plans for the summer:

1.  Transition - I know we aren’t going to magically transform ourselves into a blissful homeschooling family, but I’m also pretending that I haven’t heard the truth about the transition from so many seasoned homeschoolers.  You know, the truth about how it takes 2-3 YEARS to settle into a groove.
*Fingers in my ears* 
Childish?  Maybe.  But if I let my impatient self freak about that time frame, we’ll never get rolling.  And we desperately need some momentum.  But I’m also realistic enough to know that we won’t get too much done early on, and if we do we’ll all just suffer from burnout anyway.  So .  . . baby steps.

2. Housework and Chores - I’ve been catching up on purging and organizing our trouble spots in the house, and a little spring cleaning seems to be in order before we really get rolling in the fall.  Plus, I really want to work on training the girls to do more chores.  They do a little, but having them both home all of the time now means twice the mess (more than twice, actually).  We’ve started a chore card system, and I’ll let you know more about that if it continues to work for us.

3. Schedules/Routines - This summer I’m working on NOT scheduling.  I never succeed at sticking to a rigid schedule, but I try anyway and we all end up hating it.  Since the kids desperately need one, we’re trying to find a balance this summer.  We generally do things like eat meals and run errands and have quiet time at the same time every day, so the key is just to keep those routines and decide when we are at our best for school work.

4. Field Trips & Art Projects - On one hand, I want to do as many of these as we can before we get too busy.  On the other hand, it’s freaking hot outside!

Tomorrow I’ll address academics for the summer.  For now, if you have any suggestions for us for our first summer as homeschoolers, please feel free to share those in the comments!

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