Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer Plans (part 2)

Yesterday I shared our goals for this summer, and today I’ll share what we’re doing academically while it’s just too hot to do much of anything else.   This list may look like a lot for a transitional summer, but it really isn’t.  Nothing like what we tried to cram in last year.  Plus, I’m very flexible about just doing a couple of things a day or nothing at all if the girls are in a good mood and just want to hang out.

Math:  We’re doing Singapore 1B this summer as a review and to catch up, since she hasn’t had any multiplication in school yet.  We’re also still working on Two Plus Two is Not Five, which we began last year to eliminate the finger counting.  I love the way the drills are organized.  It’s basically what I call our 10-minute math program.  We do an exercise or two from Singapore, and she does a drill sheet on her own in the afternoons.  I can’t stand much more math than that.  I thought I would die when I saw the recommended math times in some planning outlines.  Yikes!

Copywork: I’m doing my best to silence my inner English teacher who is screaming “WAIT!!!  You NEED grammar and spelling at 7 years old!”  I’m pretty sure she’s wrong, especially when the almost-seven yr old in question is reading at a 4th/5th grade level.  She does struggle with spelling, but it’s more her own frustration with not being able to write and spell correctly on the same level she can read, so I’m eliminating the stress this summer.  She does need to work on handwriting, so we’re taking the Charlotte Mason approach to copywork for now.

Reading: Yep, lots of it.  Independent (her choice), family read-alouds (Alice in Wonderland and Aesop’s Fables for now), Books on cd (Harry Potter, Cornelia Funke, and other big books she doesn’t have the patience to read in their entirety but will listen to over and over again while she’s playing or doing other assignments) and narration (short assigned readings)

Science and History: I love the chronological approach to history, so we combined science and history this summer to do a prehistory unit.  We started our own time line as we study Creation, the big bang, other cultures’ creation stories, archaeology, dinosaurs, and early man (maybe fall if we get stalled).
So much fun, and yay for mama getting to use her anthropology degree!

French:  This was the one area that has stressed me out, because I don’t want to lose everything she’s learned in the immersion program.  Until now, I hadn’t found anything even close to an acceptable program for her level and age.  Someone suggested, and we're currently testing it out.  I'll post more about that if we like it.  Other than that, we listen to learning and music cd's and we're going to schedule more regular visits with my French-speaking grandparents for her to practice and build her confidence.

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