Monday, June 14, 2010

Week in Pictures (WIP)

In the writing world, WIP stands for Work in Progress.  I kind of like that acronym for homeschooling as well.  Because I'm a work in progress, just like the kids are, and certainly we could say that our little homeschool is a work in progress.  But since I'm just posting little snippets of the week through photos, we're going with Week in Pictures today.  But the other meaning still holds true.

Let's work backwards and begin with what we found in the yard this weekend:

Ok, it's really hard for me to even post this picture.  I hate these things.  Can you identify a snake just by its skin?  Because I'm really hoping it's just one of those garter snakes like the one I kicked with my bare flip-flopped foot under the car last year.  I know there are more.  Ella showed me pictures in a book of these "garter snake parties" underground near trees.  Just like the holes we have next to our trees.  Now she giggles "Garter snake party!" around me when she wants to shake me up.  Lovely.  

Seriously, can I find out what this is without taking it to the nature station?  Because while I really need to snoop around there again for a book I'm working on, I do NOT want to pick this thing up and carry it over there.  Even if Ella brings it, the thing will still be in my car.  Ew.

Moving on.

We're making good use of our zoo membership, even in this hot, humid South Louisiana summer.  See, we have a plan.  We get to the zoo at 9am, right when it opens, then leave by 10am.  Since we don't pay, I don't feel like I have to "get our money's worth" every time we go.  If we see five animals, so be it.  Anyway, we've learned to head straight for the playground when we get there because . . .

. . . we get it all to ourselves!  I don't know why she's pouting in this picture.  Probably because she had to take a picture.  Seriously, our little zoo is quite shaded and we can to watch all the animals get their breakfasts, so I highly recommend first thing in the morning zoo trips.

Oh, and you've just gotta love a zoo that gives the gnomes their own exhibit.  I'm not sure about the authenticity of their habitat, but we'll just assume it's accurate for now.

Since we're transitioning into homeschooling and aren't heavily into academics yet, I figured we could get in a few crafts and have some fun while we have the time and while I still have the energy.

Super fast and easy bracelets.  Seriously.  Toilet paper rolls, paint, markers, glue, and whatever junk you have lying around.  It is amazing what impresses kids.
More painting:

Some people do dollar store crafts.  We do garage sale crafts.  My mom picked up these ceramic animals at a garage sale probably a year ago.  They've been sitting in my office, and I just found them when we cleared out and reorganized for homeschooling.  Perfect project for hot afternoons while mama fixes dinner.  

Note to self: Go to more garage sales.

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  1. moth balls are supposed to keep snakes away. moth balls stink, but i found some lavender-scented ones at wal mart. threw them under the shed in the back yard for good measure (cool shady shed bellies seemed like a place snakes would like to hide)... just a tip


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