Monday, July 5, 2010

Freezer Meals

Next is a post about our unexpected struggle with math, but for now I'm struggling once again with meal ideas. Today I saw that Deb is now posting a weekly freezer cooking series on Modern Alternative Mama, and it got me thinking.  In my past life (my gluten-filled, casein-filled life), I had a fully stocked freezer.  And not just bags of raw chicken or roasts I picked up on 2-for-1 sales.  I mean fully cooked or pre-assembled meals.  Now?  Empty shelves.

What happened?

Ok, the easy answer is that it's summer.  In South Louisiana.  I'm really good at making gumbos, soups, and stews and filling my freezer with those, but who wants to eat hot gumbo in July?  Ok, honestly?  Me.  And the rest of my people, too.  I'm nothing if not a good, Cajun, gumbo-eatin' gal.  But we ate all the freezer gumbo months ago, and I really don't feel like standing over a hot pot of gumbo all day in July.  Fair enough?

But what about everything else?  I MUST have had something else in there before we went gfcf.  I'm cooking a couple of meatloaves and some meatballs later this week, but beyond that I'm stuck.  I'd love to restock my freezer this summer, but I can't think of meals to put in there.

Help!  What are your favorite gluten-free, casein-free freezer meals?


  1. Thanks for the link, Michelle!

  2. You're welcome! Reading that was the kick in the pants I needed to get my freezer in shape again. :)

  3. Have you heard of this blog:

    It is gluten free in a crockpot! You can sub for the dairy part, I really do not thinks she has much dairy.

    Glad things are moving along on the homeschool front.

  4. Thanks for the link, Amy! I've seen that sight before, but never realized it was gluten-free! I'll have to dig through those recipes again.


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