Saturday, July 10, 2010

WIP (Week in Pictures)

Technically, this is two weeks in pictures.  Or maybe three.  I've lost track.  This week especially is a blur, because after the holiday, we spent two days going back and forth to the doctor with Ken.  He's fine, and we're just waiting for test results now, but it was just one of those weeks.  Thanks to homeschooling, we still got stuff done.  Rock on.

We were supposed to have pictures of our trip to the blueberry farm, but we got lost and never found the place.  So we have a new fish for the tank instead.  Yes, that is a completely random change of plans.  That's how we roll.

Ella ate this entire ear of corn by plucking off one kernel at a time.  It took forever.  Let it be known: the child does have patience.

We had two weeks with the girls' cousin, Braelynn.  We're so happy to have my sister's family a little closer now.   Don't be fooled by the looks on their faces.  They're happy, too.  It was just a hot morning at the zoo, and this was taken at the end of the visit.

While big sister continues her dinosaur unit (really, I didn't think we could learn much more, but we found stuff . . . more on that another day), Harper needed something to keep her busy.  We've been struggling to find enough for her to do, because while we're not ready to start anything "academicky" (yes, that absolutely is a word), the montessori-type activities only hold her attention for a short while.  Plus, she wants projects that look more like Ella's work.  Thank you Confessions of a Homeschooler's D is for Dinosaur printables!  We didn't pay much attention to letter-learning.  Instead we focused on the color matching games, puzzles, and pre-writing pages I laminated and give to her with a dry erase marker.  She especially liked putting the magnets on this page, so we'll have to find more magnet activities in the future.

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  1. The magnet page is such a good idea! I'll have to remember that one in a year or so. :)


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