Monday, August 23, 2010

Accidental Learning

Even though this is just our first year of homeschooling, I already feel twinges of guilt about things we aren't studying.  I know that we can't cover everything at once and that we need to make decisions each year and that the long term goal is to cover everything one day.  But some days I hear about what someone else is doing, and I think how cool that would be to teach or how much my daughter would love that and wouldn't that be fun!  And while I'm completely willing to spontaneously throw off this year's "schedule" for something Ella asks to study or a time-sensitive subject (something like, oh, Shark Week!!!), but that means something else we like is going to get pushed back or completely scrapped.  So it better be worth it.

Still, I find myself wondering if we should be studying geography or U.S. history or whatever else we aren't covering this year that doesn't rank high enough to bump the other stuff off that I planned.  But I know better, so I stop obsessing.  Sort of.  Still, guilt sucks.

Then, in the middle of Shark Week, I realized something.  With each shark she read about, she also learned where that species lived.  Ocean names and locations.  Geography.  Next we're learning about where the first civilizations were located.  Geography.  

I knew this would happen.  It's why I didn't stress about curriculum in the first place.  It's partly why I decided to homeschool.

Call it accidental learning.
Call it lagniappe.
I call it my Duh Moment.

Don't worry.  There will be more.  

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  1. I love it when we moms stress over something and then realize that it was a non-stressor. So many things that we worry about are legit; it's nice to be able to cross something off the list!


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