Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Day at Lagniappe House

I have a bright yellow schedule posted in the office, and every so often Ella pops in to see what we'll be doing next.  "Yay, art time!" she'll shout.  And then I'll have to remind her that she didn't finish her independent work and they need a snack and mommy has to cook dinner.  Needless to say, we don't actually follow the schedule.  I posted it to remind myself of the things I wanted to get done during the day, but I really need to print another one without the times, because that just ticks everyone off.  Me especially. For now, I just shoot for some kind of regular order of operations.  Typically, our days go something like this:

7:00-7:30  - People wake up to eat with Daddy or tell him goodbye before he goes to work.  Mommy drinks her first cup of coffee.  It is early and I am tired, but OH how grateful we are not to be standing at the bus stop at 7am.

Breakfast  - Somehow food gets on plates.  I do not cook breakfast during the week, so it's yogurt or waffles (yay!  found good gf ones!) or granola bars if I made them the day before.  Mommy finishes her coffee and checks her email and feed reader.  And possibly facebook.  They usually play together really well at this time of day, so I let it drag out much longer than any schedule would say.  At some point I realize I should probably put real clothes on.

Morning Reading - Ella has requested that we do this first, before chores and getting dressed.  So far, it works for her, even if I'd rather have other things done before we start our school day.  Usually we read a few pages from whatever science or history library books we're using that week, plus Ella reads a few pages from her current chapter book out loud to me.

Morning Chores - Ella has her morning routine and a couple of chores (feeding the animals and I don't remember what else) written on index cards.  She completes these each morning (when I remind her to) and puts them in the "done" pocket for Mommy Money at the end of the day.  Mommy gets dressed (finally!), empties the dishwasher (sometimes), and checks the calendar for what needs to get accomplished that day.

Lessons - I get Ella settled with a exercise, then I sit with Harper to play with color matching cards or count something or whatever.  I settle Harper with a folder game, one of her discovery toys, or whatever else she finds to amuse herself, while I go back to Ella for a French lesson.  (Mommy drinks coffee number two.)

(The next few things get all jumbled most days.  It depends how long it took us to get started or how much school work we have to do in the morning.  If it's an errand day, we take our snack on the road and try to get back before lunch.)

Snack Time - I'm supposed to read to them (it's Alice in Wonderland right now) during snack time, but I tend to slack on this.  Must.  Get.  Better.

Finish Lessons - What falls here depends on the day and the week.

Outside - It's been so hot that we haven't been spending much time outside, but if the temperature is at all bearable we try to sneak out for fifteen minutes or so in the morning.

Lunch - This usually happens at 11 or 11:30.  They won't wait much longer than that, so that's the one thing that has a pretty set time in our day.

Quiet Time - HA!  I wish.  Harper hasn't napped in ages, and I have yet to figure out how to get her quiet in a room without having Ella pick at her or make noise or get her riled up in one way or another.  I'm putting it here anyway, just because it sounds nice.  If you write it . . . it will happen.  Right?

Independent Work - Ella has a folder with pockets for each day of the week, with an assignment sheet in each pocket and the practice sheets for that day.  I tell her it's time for independent work and she gets to work checking things off the list.  It usually has a math drill sheet, copywork, spelling, and some kind of history or science worksheet or project.  She also has to practice piano and read a chapter in her book, but she usually does those later in the afternoon or in the evening when Harper is going to bed.


Chaos - Yeah, I said it.  Don't pretend like it doesn't happen in your house, too.  Oh, and Mommy drinks coffee number three.

(We're supposed to fit in some kind of art activity or science or history project during this time, but it just doesn't happen often. At some point I cook dinner and hope they stay in one piece until I finish.  A lot of times I'll turn on the computers and plop them each in front of an educational game just until I finish dinner.)

Dinner - Again, they don't wait long for this.  5 or 5:30 is typical.

Attack Daddy - Assault him with hugs and stories when he gets home and completely ignore his pleas to let him eat dinner.

Taekwondo/ Reading - Taekwondo is usually three nights a week.  Ken takes Ella while I get Harper ready for bed (unless I can't stand it anymore and MUST run away for 45 minutes).  Otherwise, Ella reads or watches Ken check his email while I put Harper to bed, usually around 7:00.

Bed Time - Ella goes to bed around 8.  Mommy exhales and/or has a glass of wine.

Lather, Rinse, Repeat.


  1. Hi I am your newest follower found you on Secular Homeschooling. So glad to know others bloggers out there like me:) Keep up the great work blogging looking forward to following your posts.
    If you get a chance look at mine I am new and just starting out.

  2. I always get so excited to find new blogs! I am now your newest follower. Enjoyed reading your schedule~ hope you have a great first year of homeschooling!

  3. I should just add chaos to our schedule too, huh? LOL Then, at least I'll feel like we're on top of things when chaos ensues.

    Looks like you guys are off to a great start!

  4. Thanks for following!

    Yes, Angie, hehe. I love being able to put that little check mark next to "chaos" every day. :)

  5. I couldn't agree with you more about the bus stop gig. Especially when it's 10 degrees and snowing. I'd rather enjoy the view from our school room/office with java in hand! Have a great year. Following from the Hop.


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