Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Feeding This Mama's Soul

I had a discussion about comparative osteology yesterday.
With my six year old.
Who'd have thunk it?

You see, as much as I loathed waking up to hit the lab at 6AM with a toothbrush to brush bits of pottery and bone every morning as an undergrad, sometimes I really miss those days.  Sorting through all those tiny snake, rat, turtle, and fish bones and learning the latin names for the native species . . . miss that.  All those times I complained about having to stick my hand in a drawstring bag and dig around until I could identify a bone fragment, including sex and location in the body (ex: female, distal end of left tibia . . . no, really, I'm completely serious).  Yeah, I miss that, too.

Mostly, I just miss studying things that fascinate me.  Oh, I write, I sew, I read, I watch movies, and all the other things that keep my mind active and happy.  But I miss completely diving into a subject and learning about it in depth.  There just aren't enough hours in a day.  Now that we're homeschooling, I get to learn about history and science and all the things I missed out on in school the first time around.  I get to feed my brain (even if it does overload sometimes).

Yesterday, Ella was reading about the differences between apes and early man, and I was able to fully explain the skeletal differences and how they make the two species adapted for different types of activities.  Not just read about it . . . explain it.  And she got it.  She really got it.  I was able to teach something I was passionate about, and she got the benefit of my knowledge of the subject.  And while I explained how I learned about all of this stuff, she got to learn a little bit about her mom and who that lady was before she was ever "Mom."


  1. Oh yes - the looks on their faces when they realize that Mama used to be somebody else...Priceless.


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