Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Lowe's Build and Grow Workshops

We had a fantastic weekend with some friends visiting from out of state, but now it's back to reality.  This will be our first full month of school, rather than days sprinkled in throughout the summer to help us transition into homeschooling.  Now, it's for real.  But that means mam's cleaning up the house from the weekend and jumping in to lessons, and I'm just crossing my fingers we don't burn out this week.  Thank goodness for Shark Week!  Now we have a fun unit to keep us all happy for at least the first week of August.  Ok, to keep Ella happy.  Sharks rank just below snakes in my book, but they're Ella's current obsession, so I tolerate the shark-related episodes of Mythbusters and Dirty Jobs, but I draw the line at shark attack specials.  I don't want her having nightmares all week, I don't care how much she wants to see those.

Meanwhile, I'm finalizing our curriculum for this school year, setting goals, and basically getting my butt organized.  I have several posts in the works, including our wrap-up on the prehistory unit, but those will have to wait a bit until I catch up from the weekend (plus I got a bit of sun at Saints training camp yesterday and I'm just plain pooped).   Instead, I'll share a quick project Ella did a couple of weeks ago at a Lowe's Build and Grow Workshop.  I figured that even if it was crappy, Ken needed to pick up some things there for the house, and it gave a good opportunity for some daddy-daughter alone time.

She absolutely loved it.  It wasn't the best organized clinic (I think that's just a problem with our local store management), but it was a simple project and different from your typical paper-glue-sticker craft that kids make at other places.   And she has her very own self-assembled UFO.

Here's a picture of the bottom:

She basically used a little hammer to bang in some small nails to assemble the thing, then she put some stickers on to finish it up.  Still, she had a great time, felt a sense of accomplishment, and did something she wouldn't normally do at home with me.  Plus, did I mention it's free?  We've already signed her up online for the next workshop on the 14th, which I believe is some kind of bug-shaped box.   I would definitely recommend giving it a shot if you get the chance.

(They have similar clinics at Home Depot also, but I can't speak for those yet, because we always seem to have a scheduling conflict with those dates.)


  1. Ahhh - two of our favorite things! We've only started going to the Lowes and Home Depot classes here in the last few months and my boys both LOVE going. We missed the UFO one; the boys were with my sister out of town, but will be hitting Home Depot's this Saturday.
    And Shark Week - OMG LittleBoyBlue used to just go nuts for Shark Week, lol.

  2. Good to hear you guys like Home Depot's clinics, too. We'll probably check theirs out next month.

    Sharks, sharks, sharks . . . that's all I've heard about for a year now! :) We're just a little disappointed a lot of the shark shows are repeats and attack specials. But the online stuff this year is fantastic!


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