Friday, August 13, 2010

A Not-Back-to-School Fun Day

Thank you for all of the suggestions for ways to help Ella transition as her old classmates went back to school this morning.  We took the advice many of you gave, and I planned a fun day for us.  Let's just say, it didn't all go as well as planned.  Here's a quick rundown:

  • Since she had to do one more sparring class for taekwondo last night (that's a whole drama for another day . . . just know that it is one of her least favorite things at the moment), so she was exhausted and did a bit of sleepwalking last night.  Still, she wanted us to wake her early to watch the bus pass without her.
  • She growled at me when I woke her this morning.  She got up and pressed her nose against the window for half an hour until the bus picked up the neighbors and drove off, but she shot glares my way for a couple of hours anyway.
  • She ate watermelon for breakfast.
  • We made an early morning visit to Chuck E. Cheese.  This was a super special surprise, because I have taken her there exactly ONCE in almost seven years.  This was trip number two.  Hate that place.  Still, at 9am you pretty much have the place to yourself and the kids aren't crying for crappy pizza.  Plus, they had a blast for half an hour on three dollar's worth of tokens.  Can't beat that.  Plus, look at the smiles:

(Totally crappy cell phone pics.  Of course I forgot my camera.)
  • Next, we ran in at Old Navy to get some of her favorite knit yoga pants while they were on sale.  Since we aren't buying uniforms this year, the girl needed some extra comfy clothes for around the house.  Bonus: mama got a swimsuit for $10.  Harper hid in the racks.  Good times had by all.
  • Waiting in line.  Oh, the horror.  Stupid Old Navy puts all their stupid cute impulse purchase crap out where you have to wait with your kids in ridiculous lines.  Ella, for some reason, decided she needed a cute umbrella.  When told no, not today, she flipped out.  She swung an umbrella at me,  yelled at me, and got her partner in crime  in on the action.  So I had two kids screaming that I just want to make them cry and how I don't love them and how I never want to buy them anything or do anything with them.  Seriously.  As I'm in line buying things for her.  After we just left Chuck E. Freaking Cheese.  I'm pretty sure the man laughing in line in front of me was childless, and thanks to my children I'm pretty sure he'll stay that way.
  • After much crying and deep breathing in the car (and an apology from Ella), I vowed to never ever ever ever EVER again let my child leave the house after a breakfast of just watermelon.  The girl needs some protein in the morning or she goes bananas by ten o'clock.  I knew better.
  • Lunch with Dad.  I considered going straight home, but I didn't have a backup plan for food, and I needed the support.  Chinese buffet.  Ella's choice.  Everyone felt much better after that.  I'll deal with the fallout from Harper getting glutenized later.
  • Visit with Nana.  I clearly wasn't ready to go home alone with them yet.
  • Watched the bus drop off the neighbors.  So nice to not have to stand out there for half an hour every morning and afternoon.
  • Cave building.  We're turning a big box into a cave for the end of our prehistory unit.  It was a nice, happy activity.  Until it wasn't.
  • Another battle.  Ugh.
  • A third battle.  I don't even remember what those were about.  But they were big and ugly.
At some point, it was like someone flipped a switch and she was fine again.  I just don't get it.  The bottom line?  Fun day didn't quite have all the "fun" I had planned.  Still, I think it served its purpose.  I need a glass of wine, but she's smiling and happy.  And we have a chance for a do-over tomorrow.  Our first roller skating session with the local homeschool group.  I'm crossing my fingers for a better end to our week!


  1. Ah, well. That's the way it goes. My son has had two weeks of truly specacular meltdowns every day at Math time. The first day I just stared at him, my mouth hanging open. Like, "who are you and in what universe is this acceptable?"

    These things are normal and not any indication of anything about your abilities or your decision to home school. Some days kids just decide to get their naughty on.

    Actually, if you could copy this and email it back to remind me every so often, like say at Math time...

    And I am now reaaaaallly curious about what you would've said if you HAD given a valedictorian speech.

  2. Sorry your fun day was a bust! I'm glad everyone ended the day smiling (and enjoying wine). A few weeks ago we had the first experience of my daughter being invited to a friends house to play without my son being invited. He was devastated. I thought I had the perfect plan to take him to the lego store without his little sister along terrorizing the place. We made the rare journey to the mall and didn't even get in the door before my son exclaimed, "The lego store, I don't need anymore lego's, they're so hard to pickup (he plays with them hours a day), what a boring surprise!!"
    The good news is that I'm sure like our family some of the most fun days your girls have are the ones that require no planning and work on moms part!

  3. Enjoy your glass of wine--you earned it! Nothing ever goes quite the way I planned, either, but there are smoother days ahead, I promise.

    Last year was our first full year of homeschooling. My son was totally on board with it, but my daughter was a little bit "iffy." I shamelessly promoted it by waiting until they were having an AWESOME time doing some craft or other hands-on activity, and then I would ask, "Would you rather learn this with a worksheet in a classroom?" You can guess the answer!

    I just threw out a giant box--why didn't I think of turning it into a cave? Darn!

  4. Sorry to hear you had a rough day. Besides the need for protein I'm guessing it's her way of dealing with the change of not having that bus ride ;-)-we react in such strange ways when we realise our world we live in *is* really changing and this is our new one {even if we really like the new one!}! Not saying she's not going to love being at home, give her time to accept the change. {this coming from one who reacts quite similarly when change happens-even if I made the change :-)}


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