Monday, August 9, 2010

Our Homeschooling Spaces

Not Back to School Blog Hop

This week is School Room Week at the Not Back-to-School Blog Hop.   We don't have an official school room, but since we store most of our homeschooling supplies in our home office, we decided to redecorate that space this summer.  I also write and work in that space, so I wanted something fun and inspiring, minimizing the clutter as much as possible.  This is the result.

This is our general storage space.  I picked up the bright pink crates for $3 each this summer.  (Gotta love all those cheap back-to-school dorm supplies in fun, bright colors!)  This is where we keep our Art Boxes, extra supplies, and other items that don't fit in the smaller shoeboxes on the left.  All of Ken's instruments are now hidden behind the door, but still within easy reach for him.  Moving them back there just relieved some of the visual clutter for me.

Some of this is my scrapbooking and beading supplies, but some of those are getting repurposed for homeschooling anyway.  Might as well keep them all together.  The smaller cabinet on the left contains learning games and toys for Harper to play with just while I'm working with Ella.  Don't ask me what's in the larger one on the right.  I try not to open that one.

Here's their easel that we use for school notes sometimes.  
Every time I see it, I love that wall color even more.
(Pay no attention to the box and mattress on the right.  They are only temporary visitors, and I forgot to move them for this picture.)

This is where Mama works.  

This is our family planning center.  I bought the dry erase calendar and purple square at Target.  Inexpensive and a great investment so far.  Harper's too little to bother with calendar activities yet, so this one's just for the rest of us.  Check out the bulletin board that used to be just for sticking up story writing notes and index cards.  It now has color-labeled fish border and is so stinking cute!  Dollar Tree.  $1.  I bought some other fun borders to play with later, too.  

Ella keeps her workbooks and notebooks in the top three drawers, and I put random things in the bottom three for Harper.  It's nice to be able to drag it around, but mostly it just stays right there.

While the office is fun (finally!), we do a lot of our work at the kitchen table, or on the couch, or in mama's bed.

Or at this Princess table (a garage sale find . . . thanks, Mom!).  This little table used to sit in the office, but I like it in the kitchen now.  It gives us another change-of-scenery option and I can have them working on messy stuff or using their dry erase boards while I'm cooking or doing the dishes.    


  1. Nice! So clutter free, wait til you see mine, which may have dustballs rolling...I tried not to look to closely, LOL.

  2. I like that color of the walls and very nice and organized too. Lovely job! Have a fun and great year!

  3. Ha! It's only clean because we painted last month AND because we had house guests last week. Give it a month . . .


  4. Thanks, Sheri! We all just sit in that room and smile at the walls now.

  5. Thank for sharing photos of your homeschooling space. It's so organized!

  6. I love your organization. Your room is so cute!

  7. Ah how I love the Dollar Tree. I hit their locker stuff this year and got magnetized pencil bins to stick on my chalkboard. Brilliant.

  8. That would be on my list of top ten destinations. Dollar Tree in July! *snort!* So true, though. :)
    Wait, you have a magnetic chalkboard in your room? Lucky girl!

  9. Your schoolroom looks great! I love the colors. I hope you have a great year.


  10. Thank you! Wishing you a great year, too!

  11. So bright and beautiful! I love the color!


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