Sunday, August 15, 2010

Week in Pictures (WIP): 8/15/10

Once again, this is 2 weeks in pictures.  
I can't seem to stay on top of things.
That's ok.  I'm over it.

Just to prove we've actually had some summer fun . . .

We had a nice visit with some of Ken's friends from out of state.  We spent the hottest day of the summer (over 100 degrees) with the girls in the pools and the grown ups cooking brisket and chatting in the shade.

Ella and Harper definitely suffered some Uncle Pete and Uncle Roy withdrawal the following week.

This is a sampling of books Ella picked on her own during a trip to the library.  In case you were still wondering why we unschool science.

Piano lessons resumed this summer.
It's a good thing I'm getting my headaches under control.

This big guy showed up one day . . .

We wanted to figure out what species he belongs to.  
Let's just say it's on my to-do list.

Somehow, I'm managing to keep the little one busy.
And learning.

I didn't want to start any kind of formal thing with her yet, but she had different ideas.
I'll post one day on what I've been using with her.

Here's to another great week!


  1. wow all of those science books, there is no way you need to do anything structured with that. That's fantastic!

  2. Make sure you check out Seymour Simon and Gail Gibbons for Ella's nonfiction enjoyment. Also Dorling Kindersley has fantastic books she'd love--the eyewitness series, I think--lots of photos and in-depth info.

  3. Thanks, Kylie. Our library trips have looked like that for years. It was one reason we felt comfortable homeschooling.

    Lora, I'll have to look into Simon and Gibbons. I don't think I'm familiar with them. I think one of those Shark books is an eyewitness one. She likes those, but the simon & schuster Insiders series is her favorite. (Mama's, too!)


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