Monday, October 18, 2010

Finding My Rhythm

You know, for a percussionist (even a former one), you'd think I'd get a handle on this whole rhythm thing much faster.  Then again, everyone I played with learned quickly not to make me the timekeeper.  I rush.  A lot.

But hope is not lost.  I have a plan.  You can read all about it at The Homeschool Classroom . . .

The Homeschool Classrom

Homeschooling the First Year:  Routines for the Chronically Random

Now I think a little bedschooling is in order for today.  It's clean sheet day, and we have a new stack of books on Egypt to snuggle with.  The house will clean itself, right?


  1. I love that you have "second breakfast" on the chalkboard. That's almost a joke in my home as I have two teenage boys! Sometimes they have a third, too.

    We are new at the homeschool thing, also, and I have found that, like you said, the order of things is more important than the time slots. On some days, science takes longer than I would have imagined. On other days, a lesson is a dud and we get through in just a few minutes. I just list what should be covered each day and we work our way through it allowing for the ebb and flow.

  2. HI Michelle, it's been some time since I visited last, but it's been lovely catching up on old posts. Looks like even without a routine you're doing a great job! We're also trying to find some type of routine here-but I'm also coming to the conclusion that set times are not NB. We've decided what's most NB for us as a family (at this stage) and those are my goals for the day. Some days we get through it, some days we don't. Learning to let go of the "we don't days" is our challenge as home schooling moms I think.
    I understand your kids need routine but here's an idea for allowing them to feel in control: We discuss our daily plans at breakfast-I state the fixed activities (eg.ballet), my personal goals (even if it's just chores, but it can be reading, nature walk etc), and then I ask what they'd like to do. We discuss an order and our day is all planned. What doesn't get completed can get added on tomorrow if it's still NB. This way you as the mom need to know what you feel is NB for them to learn/do in a day and they get to feel like they're also in control of their learning.
    Just another idea to ponder over!

  3. Oh, I know how it is to be "chronically random", especially right now as we prepare to move! Schooling, going outdoors, and more happens just "whenever". I'm definitely working on having more of a routine, but that probably won't stick until everybody is settled after the move.

    Thank you for sharing this post. I will definitely be coming back to it.

  4. What's always helped me is to take some time to observe what the natural rhythm is--when are kids getting up, hungry, tired; when do they seem to need to rest and when do they seem to need to run around--that sort of thing. And then I slot things in around that. I never even attempted to impose any sort of schedule from on high. What's the point of that?! But I try to honor all of our natural rhythms as much as possible and go from there as much as I can. And I often find my kids really rise to the occasion when the normal rhythm is blown out of the water. The specialist appointment for Nicholas was at 12:45--Grace's naptime. And yet she was wonderful the whole way through.


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