Monday, October 4, 2010

For the Record, She's Ok

The short version:  Harper is ok.

The longish version:

I had big plans for today.  I was going to clean the house, pay some bills, do a bunch of space stuff with Ella, and write up some posts to schedule for the rest of the week.  Yeah, plans.  At least I cleaned the house this morning, because after lunch the girls went outside and Harper fell right off the swing.  One of those innocent little belly over the swing Superman kind of moves she always does.  Face first in the dirt.  Seriously, at some point that girl needs to learn to put her hands down to break her falls.

The verdict?
Bloody, swollen, purple nose; fat, cut lip; a small chunk missing from the side of her tongue; red, puffy face.  Thankfully, nothing looks broken and (for once) we aren't concerned about a concussion.  But there was a point where I just wasn't sure, so while I waited a few minutes to see if the swelling would go down a bit (it did) even with her completely refusing ice or a boo-boo pack, Ella showed off her caring big sister side.

This is the setup she prepared for Harper while we waited for the bleeding to stop.

Love that girl.

Love both of them.  

Needless to say, no posts were scheduled and we have a busy catch-up day tomorrow.  Hopefully, I'll have some really cool field trip pics to share with you at the end of the week.  

Have a great (and safe) week, everyone!


  1. Holy cow! Glad she's okay. No wonder you had such a busy day planned for today! I owe you an email, but I spent all the girl's naptime napping right along with her--MNF kept me up too late but it was so worth it!!

  2. Poor baby! My daughter swings like that too, and no amount of biting the dust seems to dissuade her. Hope she feels better soon!


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