Friday, November 19, 2010

5 Things I Did Not Need in November

November is busy enough, right?  We can all agree on that.  I've been trying to slow down and remember that less is almost always more, but November is just one of those months.  Family, food, celebrations, NaNoWriMo . . . but that's ok.  We cut back in other areas.  Because, my friends, when you're writing a novel, you just need to throw in some reading and a little math in the mornings and that's plenty.  Despite my efforts to keep things simple, the universe (or just plain old me, myself, and I) seem to be sabotaging those plans.  These are a few things I did NOT need thrown on my plate this month:

  1. A site redesign - Ok, so I knew better than to change that one teeny tiny thing in the sidebar.  It's never just one teeny tiny thing.  So, my bad on that one.  It's not completely where I want it, but things work.  For now.  I can tack the rest on to my New Year's goal list.
  2. A toddler who spontaneously decided to wean and sleep in her own bed like a big girl - Yes, it did free up some time in the evenings, but it completely threw things off for a few nights.  We're good now.  And mama has ended the pity party. My baby is now a big girl.  Officially.  And that's a good thing.  (I suppose.)
  3. A nasty string of migraines - I'm still not 100% yet.  I can't blame it on trigger foods or hormones.  Just . . . wham.  Thanks, head.
  4. A serious case of the blahs - Nights where I just don't want to write.  Or fold the clothes. Or do much of anything.  When I'm already way behind.  But it's ok, because thanks to the blahs I don't really care if I have 20k words instead of 30k.  Eh.
  5. A curriculum overhaul - Seriously, what is wrong with me?  In all fairness to myself, things weren't working, Ella wasn't happy, Mama wasn't happy and me being who I am wanted to fix it right now.  I want to bring in more Waldorfy type activities, but that led to a whole research of methods and philosophy and I'm in way over my head now.  Spinning doesn't even begin to describe what my head is doing.  I'll have another post on this once I figure things out a little better.  And before you even ask, NO, this could not wait until next month.  Because next month is December.  And the month after that would be something else.  We're broken, and I'm fixing it now.  'Cause that's how I roll.  Even in November.
(For the record, I currently have over 23,000 words, and Ella is almost finished.  Not too shabby, considering everything else.  I'm making peace with it all.  Or, at least, I'm trying to make peace with it.)


  1. Well, the site looks good to me right now, so maybe #1 is all fixed?

    #2 - I hear that, because after marveling that our daughter had been dry at night for a while, we went upstairs to a soaking wet bed and a crying, embarrassed little girl. Heartbreaking.

    Sorry about #3 and #4, and can't wait to read about the results from #5!

  2. Our parent-child leader had a handout on the temperaments today--how's that for a coincidence? I haven't read it yet, but it looks like it's from an out-of-print book. If it's at all useful I can send you a copy. She tried to explain it to me a little. It reminded me of the questions our homeopath asks when he's trying to decide on a daily remedy.

  3. Well, if it means anything to you, you get a big fat Gold Star in my book for recognizing that there's a problem and taking steps to fix it, despite whatever other factors are in play. That takes a lot of gumption and you've got it in spades :)

    Weaning is bittersweet - to couple that with sleeping in a big-girl bed just seems unfair. But if she's initiating it, then she's happy and secure and that means you've done right by her. That's definitely something to be proud of!

    Hope the headaches and blahs clear up, and 23k words is not too shabby for a month of writing PLUS all of your other responsibilities. Extra Gold Star for you :)


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