Tuesday, November 9, 2010

French Update

French is . . . well, it just is for now.   We've been working through French for Beginners (Passport's Language Guides), supplementing with a notebook where she keeps new vocabulary from the book and where I write sentence in English which she then translates into French.  We take two pages from the book each week and try to incorporate the new vocabulary into our conversations.  In other words, Mom's getting a little French practice too.  We like the book, because it focuses on practical, useful words and phrases and shows characters having realistic conversations.  Still, it's easy to let foreign language study get strictly workbook/book-focused and stale.

In the interest of incorporating more visual or hands-on activities (besides computer games), I decided to tackle a minor problem we've had for a couple of years.   You see, many kids have trouble distinguishing left and right, but my child has a slightly unique problem.  Since she started kindergarten in a French immersion class, she learned her directions in French, not English.  So she can tell you to go gauche, but if you ask her to go left she'll just stand there and eventually guess.  So, mama made some arrows last week.

Maybe the English up there with the French will help reinforce the idea.  I actually heard her asking Harper the other day if she wanted to go gauche or droite when they got to this wall.  It was pretty cute.  It has also inspired me to find more ways to do things like this to bring our French studies to life.  I try to speak to her with French as much as possible, but I'm always looking for ways to make it more fun for her.

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  1. I have been enjoying your blog- I have an award for you on mine!


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