Friday, November 12, 2010

WIP (Week in Pictures): 11/12/10

 Sorry if you've visited the site and things are a little wacky lately.  I changed a couple of things in the sidebar, which messed up something else and meant bigger changes, which then meant even bigger changes.  Blogger hates me.  Now my drop-down menu is completely screwed up.  So now I'll be adding some pages and fixing that mess.  Apparently, that's what The Google wanted me to do all along.  And we must always do what The Google wants.

Yeah, because that's what I needed during NaNoWriMo.

In all fairness, I knew better than to touch anything.  But really, I couldn't help myself.  I guess it's better than finding carpet beetles in the middle of November.  Yay, score one for this year!

 Brain Mush = Photos


Space Chick in the house!!!
90% off Halloween costumes.  
Gotta love that!
I missed the motherload by five minutes.  The lady in line next to us had a basket overflowing with costumes.  Not an exaggeration.  At $1.20-$2.00, how could you blame her?  And, in case you were wondering, Red Riding Hood kicks some serious butt at our house.

 No, really, the kid has great form, and she had Ella backed into a corner within seconds every time.  Maybe I should check into fencing lessons . . .

 I planted more cilantro weeks ago (make that about 2 months ago, at least).  It chose the week of the first frost to sprout.  
It doesn't like transplanting, so this will probably be the last I see of it.

To wrap things up today, we found these ginormous mushroom mounds in our yard late last week.
It was actually kind of neat to see them at different stages of development.

Happy weekend, everyone!

I hope to have the site tweaked and running smoothly again by Monday.  Bear with me until then . . .

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  1. Oh My Gosh! Those mushrooms are amazing. All the kiddos in my life would love these things. I clicked to your site from HOTM. My sister and I blog at waddleeahchaa, about working with young children, homeschooling and our love for great books. This week we are giving away "Wikki Stix". Just stop by, leave a comment and you are entered to win. Hope to hear from you. I hear ya about goggle, oh well what can we do? :) joyce


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