Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas Fun Kickoff: Advent Countdown Chain

For children (and adults) there is something magical about counting down the days until Christmas.  While we try to keep the focus away from monetary gifts as much as possible, children will always look forward to the excitement and wonder that surrounds Christmas Day.  More than a way to stir up even MORE excitement, a countdown chain gives your kids something visual to remind them of how many days are left until Christmas.  So they stop driving you crazy asking every day.  

Remember those paper chains you made as a kid?  Those were fun.  My oldest makes them all the time, not to countdown days, but just for decorations.  Last year I wanted to make something that would last, so I didn't have to count and cut and staple/glue every year.  I saw this cute idea for a fabric chain somewhere (I really wish I could remember where I saw the original idea), and it was perfect!  There are many ways you could tackle this, but this is how I made it:

Press two pieces of coordinating fabric together with lightweight, double-sided fusible interfacing. Cut the fabric into strips the size you want them (I think mine were 2"x8"). Trim up the sides with pinking shears to eliminate fraying. Attach tiny pieces of velcro to opposite sides and ends of each strip. You can use the stick on velcro, but the glue probably won't hold up in storage. So I took the extra time to sew 50 little pieces of velcro. If you know how, chaining them on saves a good bit of time, but even then it's a major pain. But that's it. Your done. Make the chain and reuse it year after year. 

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  1. I love the idea of a fabric chain. Very pretty!

  2. I like the fabric chain, but I still like the paper ones too, and my boys like to make it. I admit to loving how many skills making this countdown chain entails: counting by 2s (and now 3s!), writing numbers, cutting--all of which have been important skills to work on depending upon how old my kids were at the time. (I am also very, very happy that 24 is divisible by 3 as well as 2!)

  3. Love the idea to do a fabric chain. Thanks for linking up too!


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