Monday, December 6, 2010

Fairy Garden

When I saw the fairy garden at The Magic Onions, I fell in love.  I knew we had to have one of our own.  Finally, we have our own. 

While a big wine barrel was not in the budget, I did have an old planter and a nice spot under one of our oak trees.  With a few rocks from Hobby Lobby (no pretty stones lying in nature around here, just ugly chunks of cement)  and an impatiens plant we rescued from Home Depot (always check the clearance shelves for perfectly good plants needing a good home at half the price), we had a good start.   The girls added a shell with water for the fairies' pond.  And, if you look closely you'll see . . .

. . . in the bottom left hand side of the shell (just on the right edge of the dark stone), Ella added a roly poly.   With a little moss (finally found some growing in the yard), the garden now had fairy carpet!

But something was missing . . . 

 A fairy swing!
 Sticks, string, and a piece off a pine cone.  Voila!  A perfect fairy swing nestled among the impatiens.  Ideally, I would love to cover the whole area around the tree into a gigantic fairy garden on the ground, but I have a rather large and curious dog who likes to pee on things.  I don't think the fairies would appreciate the sprinkles.  Still, I'm sure we'll add a lot more over time.  This was an absolute blast to make!

Your turn.  What did you finish this week?  Join in the hop at Not Inadequate.

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  1. You should have told me you needed stones, too! I'd have mailed you some of our beach stones. Believe me, we have enough to spare! But I love your fairy garden, and the swing is a lovely touch.

    I finished knitting my 6yo's socks last night--so two out of my three children now have newly handknit socks for the winter. :) (I haven't measured the 9yo's feet yet, he's next!)

  2. What a gorgeous home for faries!

  3. I LOVE the swing! That is just so dang cute! Thanks so much for linking up - I rilly rilly appreciate it!

  4. My daughter loved this idea and wants to go out right now and make one of her own! Thanks for the idea:). We both loved the fairy swing.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. I just read tho the last several of your blogs and it looks like you are very busy.


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