Friday, January 28, 2011

Living History: LA Veterans Honor Medal Ceremony

What better way to understand history than to experience it with the people you love?  Yesterday, we had the honor of accompanying my grandfather as he received his Veterans Honor Medal for his service as a USMC Corporal and Purple Heart recipient in WWII.  We sat through a wonderful ceremony including a speech given by Governor Bobby Jindal, then we were all allowed to go up with him and take a picture with the governor as he received his medal.

The girls held up amazingly well throughout the whole ceremony.  Really, they were troopers.

Before we went, I had Ella interview my grandfather, and we're going to turn those answers and our pictures from the day into a report over the next couple of weeks.  So, despite our taking a break from history the past couple of months, she got a really important lesson anyway. I think she "gets" it.  As well as a seven year old can.  War is one of things that's difficult for an adult to understand, let alone a young child.  But she understands that her great-grandpa was very brave and that we are super proud of him.  I think he was pretty proud to have them there, too.


  1. Congratulations to your grandfather, and how nice the girls could be there for the ceremony.

  2. Wow! What an honor, and it's so wonderful that your girls could participate, too!

  3. Thank you both. It was a great afternoon.

  4. my dad was in the army too hes dead now he was in the estonian army and fought against the russians they took his medals off him put him in siberea and guss what he escaped and thats how i am alive today living in the uk


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