Monday, January 3, 2011

Quiet: Kicking Off the New Year Right

After a hectic month, I love the quiet that comes with the week after Christmas.  It's my quiet time.  Time to rest, regroup, and think about what I want to accomplish during the upcoming year (and the second half of our school year).  This year, that meant lots of reading and reflecting.  And healing, since I'm still fighting a nasty sinus infection that just doesn't seem to want to let go.  After a restful weekend, we started back with school today.  A nice, peaceful morning filled with songs and smiles.  I think we're going to like the changes (more on those changes later . . . stay tuned).  The girls have also picked up on the beauty of quiet time.   I'm loving these moments!

Finger knitting!!!  We both learned how, and Ella has been making chains all week!

And more reading . . .

And lots of blurry smiles!!!

Happy New Year to you all!!!


  1. You know I love seeing pictures of kids with yarn!! I have a book in mind for Ella, but it's out of stock everywhere I've looked. (Maddening!!) I'm persistent, though. My kids went back today, and already I'm trying to figure out where to squeeze in the things I want to do with them, around the darn school schedule. But they were both happy to go back, too, and see their friends. So there's that.

  2. I know, it's so sweet to watch. Glad the boys are happy to go back. That makes it much easier for you.


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