Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What 3 Looks Like

Happy Birthday to my Harper!
In case you were wondering, this is what three looks like around here:

Pay no attention to the hamster.  They got zhu zhu pets for our Easter vacation trip last year, and we had to cut a large chunk of her hair off at the root.  Twice.  That hamster mysteriously disappeared.  
Good luck, Scoodles.

Why, yes.  It is very difficult to tell those big blue eyes "No."

I completely forgot to make a "3" shirt for her.  In my defense, I rocked on the crown.

Big sister Ella made birthday salad for the Birthday Princess.  It was delicious and made with love.

Gluten-free vegan birthday cookies.  (Thanks for the recipe, Amy!)
Don't worry.  We'll be eating plenty of king cake soon enough.

Is that really the tiny little baby I nursed and rocked in that rocker for so many nights???

It rocks!
(By the way, the bike is pink.  Bubblicious, to be exact.  After three years, I think I've made peace with the pink.)


  1. Happy Birthday, Harper! Aw, I remember when you were pregnant with her! And the crown is awesome! (N's teacher makes felt birthday crowns for all 16 kids in her class, every year. I love her!) And you made the cookies! It looks like you used peanut butter chips, too. Are they not fabulous? (I should just name them PMS Cookies.)

  2. Thanks! And yes, those are the best PMS cookies ever! ;)

  3. Thanks, Jen! I loved 3 with my oldest and am looking forward to another fun year!

  4. Yay for Three!

    Little girls are just magic, aren't they? My daughter just turned 4 and I just can't believe she is that big already. Happy B-day, Harper.

    (I love that name, btw. It's the perfect blend of genteel and plain cool)

  5. Thanks, Deb. Yep, magic.

    We loved the name for many reasons, but she's not exactly a genteel kind of kid . . . um, maybe that's because I partially named her after a football player. That would explain all the tackling, right? :)

  6. Awww :) Such great memories (aside from the hamster incident, lol)
    Happy birthday, Harper!!

  7. She's gorgeous! I love the birthday salad--what a terrific sister she has. The crown is lovely, too.


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