Friday, February 4, 2011

Painting Boards

After drooling over the website for a while, I finally ordered a Nova Natural catalog for the house.  Best.  Move.  Ever.  Ken is now drooling over all the lovely items as much as I am, and he has the bug to make everything he sees in there.  First on the agenda were painting boards, because adding a weekly painting day was one of the first Waldorf-type activities I wanted to add to our schedule.  

For $15 and about an hour of time, we had three boards of our own.  We purchased a half sheet of 1/2" birch plywood, which Ken then cut into three boards (the guys at the store will usually do this for you for a teeny tiny fee).  They're pretty large (about 16"x24") boards, but I wanted to make sure they were big enough for larger sheets of paper with plenty of room around the edges to contain messes, so I wouldn't have to cover my table underneath the boards if I didn't feel like it.  The 1/2" plywood is thicker than I originally wanted, but he said the 1/4" boards that day were nasty looking, and these work out just fine even though they're thicker.  Plus, it will be much longer before these warp from all the wet-on-wet watercolor painting.  After he rounded off all the sides (you could skip the rounding, but it's very nice), the girls got to work sanding the boards.

photo by Ella
 They love to help their daddy in the shop.  They each have their own piece of wood and nails that they use to practice hammering while Ken works outside.  So cute.

Ella took that shot of Harper.  Pretty good stuff.  And I just had to share the one Harper took of me.

photo by Harper
Can you believe the three year old took that?  I think I'm going to put them to work as our blog photographers pretty soon.  Oh, and that's our compost can in the background.  It's full.  I can't wait until spring, although I doubt this batch will be ready to start the garden.

Oh yeah, back to the boards . . .

Ta-da!  We heart them.  Big time.

Last Friday was our first Painting Day.  After reading the explanation on Simple Homeschool - Painting Wet on Wet, I figured I could give it a go.  It went . . . ok.  Ella wanted desperately to paint something concrete, and I wasn't getting the idea that were were painting the mood and feeling of the color (it was blue that day) across to her very well.  So, I ordered Painting with Children, and I'm hoping that will give me a little more to go on.  I'll let you know how the next session goes.  Eventually I'd like to get a more thorough book with lessons and such for different grades/ages, but for now I just want a simple way to introduce the colors and how the primaries blend.  Still, they enjoyed the morning, and doing it every Friday adds to our rhythm and gives them something to look forward to as well as incentive to get the rest of our work done (school, cleaning, etc.) before each Friday.  Yes, painting is their carrot, and I am waving it proudly!

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  1. Oh, nicely done, all of you! I'm trying to remember how I first introduced wet-on-wet, but I'm coming up completely blank. I can look through the Enki stuff, maybe that will jog my memory.

    Getting to my compost bin is ridiculous. I think there ought to be some sort of award, for continuing to compost in this sort of weather. It's a good thing I bought the tall boots, is all I can say...


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