Tuesday, March 22, 2011

This Week I Am . . .

  • Watching the girls transport ladybugs into the garden. We have quite a little colony living in the parsley just in front of the tomato seedlings.  Bring it on aphids, we dare you!
  • Continuing our 40 Days of Nice.  It's going well.  And I've only had to pull from it (for myself) a few times.
  • Finished with my mom's taxes.  Found three white eyebrow hairs the night we e-filed.  Coincidence?
  • Tired, but happy.  We dug out half of our front beds and we're researching all kinds of shade plants.  I've never had much luck before with all the full shade areas, and I'm determined to get it right AND add some color out there.  Plus some shade-tolerant herbs.  Too much?  
  • Waiting.  My grandfather is in the hospital today with pneumonia and my sister is due with her second baby very soon.

I'll have photos (spring flower fairies for our gnome friends!) and a real post soon.  
For now, coffee . . .

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