Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Balance? What's That?

Yep, still enjoying the great outdoors.  And the ants are back (grrr).  Since I'm sooo good at balancing things around here, I'm making these cutie felt carrots for the girls for Easter.  The items I was originally going to make for them never worked out (do NOT ask me about tweezers and turning tiny bunny fabric shapes), so I thought the carrots would be cute.  I've never attempted felt food before, but this seems like a perfect time to try.  Yes, five days before Easter.  Did I mention I don't even have orange felt at the moment?

So . . . yeah, balance.  I struggle with that probably more than even the rhythm thing.   Hop on over to the Homeschool Classroom today for more about my lack of balance, and how, in the end, I'm kind of ok with it.

The Homeschool Classrom


  1. I thought it was well-said, especially the parts about down time mostly being family time. I too miss the whir of the sewing machine and find the hot bath, while a luxury, doesn't always do it.
    I am learning that God sends me refreshment when my soul needs it MOST, though. It's been a process of waiting expectantly, hopefully, for how He will provide for my real needs, rather than striving to meet what I perceive to be "needs".

    Balance is difficult. I often wonder if our days spent crafting, writing, and reading really add up to what's worthwhile(we do try to squeeze in math from time to time!). I have to think that it WILL accumulate to more than the sum of its parts. :)
    Hoping for a blessed Easter for you and your girls--and I admire your trying out new crafts for them at THIS POINT. ;) Take pictures!

  2. Thanks, April. You are so right, I do tend to receive that soul food just when I think I can't go another day like this . . . exactly when I need it. Happy Easter to you and yours!


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