Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Fun

This was the first year I did food dyes with the kids, and it was . . . interesting.  Actually, it wasn't too bad, except I ran into problems with dying only the egg shells.  We blew out the middles so we could dye them earlier in the week (I used the middles to make egg muffins for dinner), and that was a pain and a mess.  Then, I couldn't figure out how to keep the shells submerged, without making the holes bigger and potentially cracking the shells (lesson learned).  So, we had little floating eyeballs pressed down with spoons and tongs. 

 Welcome to my mad scientist kitchen!

Some of these are brown eggs and some are white.  A couple of light coats of vegetable oil kept them from getting too light and chalky.

Pretty, huh?  Don't ask me which eggs are which.  Except the tumeric.  Wow that stuff glows!
The one in the middle actually has a tint of blue from some blueberry herbal tea.  I think next year we might experiment with just fruit tea packets to make things simple.

Here is one of the felt carrots.  So cute!  Really, it came together quite quickly, and they are easy to chain and do the whole assembly line thing.  The rest are still under construction.  And yes, I am well aware that it's 7pm on Easter Eve and I have to make carrots for six little girls.

My new pink lacecap hydrangea baby.
This has nothing to do with Easter, but we bought it this week and planted it this morning.
Because, of course, I didn't have enough to do this week.

Happy Easter!!!


  1. The carrot is ADORABLE! I love it! I just finished writing the rhyming clues for where the baskets are hidden and we assembled the baskets, realizing at the last minute that our oldest shouldn't have jelly beans (braces). Oops. Extra chocolate eggs for him I guess!

    Happy Easter! I hope the bunny brings you some quiet calm. ;)

  2. cute carrot! i am WISHING for a pink lacecap hydrangea--glad you got one, even if you HAD plenty else to do!
    Happy Easter!

  3. The eggs are lovely. Did you hide them or use them for decorations?

    Hope you had a great Easter!

  4. Amy, I don't think he'll mind too much. :)

    April - It's my fist hydrangea, so I'm hoping I take good care of it. I was really surprised at how low the price was at our local nursery for such a beautiful plant!

    Sparklee - We hid them, but I'm going to keep them out for decoration for a while. Next year I'll get my act together and do them sooner so we can have pretty egg shells in baskets for a couple of weeks before Easter.


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