Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spring Blog Break

This is pretty much what our days have been like.  Lots of time outside.  Running in the backyard.  Puttering in the garden. Collecting caterpillars.  Playing with friends at the park.  Not much time for writing posts.  A rainy day would cure that, but we are way behind on rainfall totals this month.  Make that this year.  Leading off the previous drought year.  Rain would be good. For now, sunshine is good.  Real blog posts can wait.  Not too long.  I have lots to say.  :)

*** Update: The oatmeal helped eliminate a large number of the fire ants in the garden.  I think the grits just made them move to another corner.  I'm going to put another round of oatmeal on the remaining ants and hope that they aren't just hiding deep in the box somewhere.  
By the way, whoever said that cedar deters pests LIED.
I'm just saying.

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  1. That sounds about perfect. G is making a list of everything we are going to do when we have a nice day (it poured today): Go to the zoo. Go to the playground. Play outside with her new purple ball. It's good to have dreams...


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