Thursday, May 26, 2011

HSV Garden Challenge, Month #3 - Harvest Time!

It's the end of May, that means it's time for The Homeschool Village's Garden Challenge Link Up #3.
So far, we've had mostly salads with fresh radishes (WOW, for "mild" radishes, those sure had a kick!), roma tomatoes, and basil.  Mmmm  . . .  and fresh (from the market), grilled corn with lemon basil (mine) butter . . . Yum!  Then there were the few precious zucchinis (more on that in a minute) and the one bean we harvested so far.

When I started the garden this year, I had no idea what I was doing.  I'd read a bit from Square Foot Gardening, but I'm not one for following rules.  And seriously, there was math in there.  And geometry.  And stuff.  So I read a bit more about companion planting and threw in a TON of seeds.

Lesson Learned.

My garden became seriously overcrowded.  In a way that was good.  Certain plants got the shade they needed.  Other things didn't grow much.  And then there are all those silly flowers that I love but are sucking up precious nutrients.  But seriously, how could I not throw some pretty flower seeds in there?  And the pansies we put in to give color while waiting for the seeds to sprout?  They've taken over too.  So now I'm transplanting a few things and hoping the rest can get enough of what they need in the crowded conditions.

Not to self: Next year, be patient.

Oh, and I STILL can't get any pepper plants to grow in there.  Bummer.

Here are a few current pictures of our garden:

Our raised bed at the end of May

New strawberry plants from a friend.

New raised bed for strawberries, lettuce, & onions.

Proof that it is crazy hot.  Radishes are bolting like crazy.

Lettuce is finally growing.
In the heat.
Go figure.

Lemon/Lime Basil
I can't tell the difference anymore.
Has a very strong but lovely taste.

Green beans are growing up the sunflower stalks.

Cherry tomatoes grown from seed

Roma tomato plants from local nursery.
I can't even count how many tomatoes
this particular plant has on it.

Our first harvest!

Carrots - growing slowly

Growing new pineapple mint from cuttings

My poor cucumber plants.
This, sadly, is the best looking one.

Even sadder, this is all that is left of my zucchini.
We got a few small ones before the #$%*ing squash borers got it.

New  Spanish Cilantro!
Tastes like the regular stuff,
but super cool looking and likes shade.

Did I mention it's hot already?
My poor oregano, only one day after watering.
It now lives in the shade, too.
(It looks much better now.)

Guess what's growing behind those impatiens in my front yard now . . .
More Lettuce!
And carrots and purple basil, if they ever decide to grow.

Tomorrow (or maybe this weekend) I'll post some pictures of all the flowers we have growing around here now.  I am still in shock that I have things growing.  
Pretty things, in fact.


  1. Your tomato harvest is so pretty! I hope ours will do as well.
    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog-- I'm happy to have found yours--my parents used to live in Breaux Bridge!

  2. Your garden is doing so good!

  3. Thanks! Yeah, that one tomato plant is amazing. The rest are slow-growing, but that one is definitely in the "sweet spot!"


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