Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Quick List

I'm kind of all over the place today.  That means, you get a list.
  • I'm recovering from a rough health weekend.  To top it off, I'm still suffering from allergies (yeah, since December).  Nothing seems to work well enough, so I finally decided to check out this Allegra stuff.  The verdict?  I still have allergy symptoms, only now I feel nauseous.
  • In other news, did you hear?  Nauseous is the new nauseated.  People, pick something.  It's almost as bad as the whole comma thing.  Really, I don't care.  (Says the former English teacher.  And really, I mean it, I don't care.)
  • We are officially on summer break now!  Looking forward to lots of drawing and knitting and playing with my girls.
  • This week begins Operation Get Rid of All this Crap.  This week I'm filing school papers and going through supplies.  I have absolutely no idea what to keep.  The important stuff (letter of intent, curriculum outline, lesson plans), of course.  But I have no idea where to draw the line after that.  I'll probably keep her math workbook, French worksehets, and the SpellingCity.com test result printouts from the lists we did, but what about all that copywork?  Holiday word alphabetizing? Ocean and continent labeling maps?  My initial reaction is to keep it all and throw stuff out later when I need more space in the boxes.  
  • Operation Get Rid Of All This Crap will continue through June and July.  I'm tackling a different room each week.  I can handle working at that pace.  I think.  I'm using the plan in Organized Simplicity, except I'm turning her 10 Day Plan into a 10 Week one.  It's summer.  I'm not rushing anything.
  • A friend introduced me to Pinterest.  I'm hooked.  I'm not even completely sure what I'm doing on there yet, but I already love it.  This is me.  I don't have many boards or pins yet, but I can totally see myself having to set a timer so I don't fart away my days on there.  You can request to join or ask someone you know for an invite.


  1. Here's hoping that you feel better soon!

    Getting organized sounds like a very productive way to spend your summer. Have a wonderful time relaxing with your little ladies too!

  2. Thanks, Wendy! It's only been a few days, but it already feels SO good to take a break.


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