Monday, May 9, 2011

Summer Plans

Wow.  I can't believe this year is almost finished and I'm already planning for the summer.  But it is and I am.  I debated a lot about where or not to school year-round.  Finally, I decided that I need the break, Ella needs time for this year's information to settle in, and we want time to do some of the art, projects, and handwork we didn't fit in during the year.

Here are the links to last summer's plans:
Summer Plans (part 1)
Summer Plans (part 2)

We'll still be working on the transitioning and rhythms again this summer.  We're also adding in co-op on Fridays, so we'll need to adjust our rhythm to incorporate that.

I'm keeping our existing daily rhythm in place, but instead of doing math, writing, etc. during our mail lesson time in the mornings, we're turning main lesson time into gardening, drawing, painting, knitting, and sewing time.

I ordered the Coloring with Block Crayons DVD set this week (it's on sale here through 5/15), and I'm looking forward to learning this.  Seriously, look how beautiful and easy she makes it look:

Of course, there will still be reading in the afternoons, and some occasional review work with computer games and worksheets, but mostly we want to enjoy the summer and each other.  And hopefully I can squeeze in a little time to do a little more detailed planning for next year and to organize and declutter the house a little more. 

What are your plans for the summer?  Schooling year-round?  Traveling?  Share so I can live vicariously through your plans!   :)

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  1. Schooling through for us--trying to get oldest ready to start NINTH grade on-track. :)


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