Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Super Cool Stretchy Bracelets

I've been completely fascinated with these bracelets.

I struggled for weeks trying to wrap my brain around the finger knitting.  We've done chains, but we hadn't attempted multi-finger knitting before.  What really threw me off was how she linked together all those ridiculously long strips of fabric to make one bracelet.  Well, I finally figured out that we only needed one strip of fabric to make a two-finger knit bracelet long enough for my wrist or for my kids' wrists.  If I used more fingers I needed to link the fabric strips together.

Here's what I ended up with:

We each have a pink and a blue one now.

The girls love them, and I think it's something I can easily show Ella how to make on her own.  Plus, I realized that this is a perfect project for the pile of t-shirts and polo shirts I salvaged from our closet.  I am on a mission to repurpose all of that fabric.  So far I have plans for bracelets, skirts, shorts, head scarves, and doll dresses.  It makes it so much easier to let go of old clothing when you know you're turning it into something new and beautiful!


  1. Yay! Glad you figured it out. They look great!

  2. hi michelle--
    the bracelets are really cute.
    concerned here about you and the spillway opening. will you be out of range of all that water?

    certainly hoping so. . .

  3. Thanks for the concern April. We're just out of range on the flood maps, but we are just a couple of blocks from the Vermillion River and we flooded in 2004, so we're a little nervous about it. They're saying we should be ok, though.

    I'm hoping the spillway opening helps you guys and you stay dry as well!

  4. Hi,

    Nice bracelets, these for every occasion and of every age people. You should choose one for you according to your needs. Thanks a lot...


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