Thursday, June 30, 2011

HSV Garden Challenge, Month #4

Our Garden - March 31, 2011
Here it is now:

Our Garden - June 30, 2011
Well, we lost our pole beans (grasshopper - it was kindly relocated, but too late for the beans), our sunflowers (I don't know what those bugs were), and zucchini (borers), but I think we did quite well overall for our first garden.  

We learned a very important lesson:
Tap water is not equal to rain water
Thankfully it's raining again, so the plants are happier.  The drought now has me thinking about some sort of rainwater collection system.  One day . . .

For now, the cucumbers are finally growing, and I'm going to plant a second crop later this summer.
Yes, I realize these babies need to climb.  I'm going to add a homemade trellis something-or-other soon and plant more beans, too.

The giant purple zinnias were just a bit too "giant" for the raised bed,
but they transplant nicely into the front beds.

See that delightful bunch of goodness hiding amid the tomatoes?  That's the lemon-lime basil.  
SOOOOO good!

I am still in shock that I grew tomatoes.  I mean I actually grew tomatoes.  Tasty ones.  
We're so excited about the garden, and I have big plans through the fall.
Plus, the seven-year-old has requested her own bed of brussel sprouts (yes, you read that correctly, brussel sprouts), so we're planning a winter garden as well.

Thanks for visiting our garden!


  1. lemon lime basil sounds good, I will have to give it a try.

  2. If you are serious about wanting to capture rainwater, stop by my site. Last week I did a post about rain barrels & will be sharing how I made my own sometime next week. (I am using an old crib railing for my cucs to climb. ;)) What are you making with your lemon-lime basil? How would you describe the taste of it?

  3. It's delicious, Zonnah!

    Thanks, I'll definitely check that out. It will be a while before we're ready to assemble something, but I would love to get some plans ready for next summer. Great idea on the crib railing!

    The basil is a mix of lemon and lime varieties (a seed packet mix), and both (I usually just grab a handful and don't bother trying to tell them apart) have a mild basil taste with a very bright sort of citrus tang. So far I've used the basil in melted butter over corn (delicious!) and as loose leaves on burgers. It tastes like regular basil, but with a really strong kick. I'm making my first marinade and pesto with it tomorrow, and if I keep going on and on about it I'll have to do a whole basil post! :)

  4. I was just thinking yesterday that it's time to make pesto with that gorgeous basil out there!
    Do tell of your plans for fall and winter in the garden, as I have never planted one, but am convinced that if one doesn't garden cool-season HERE, then it is a complete waste of geography! :)
    Your zinnias are gorgeous. One day I will get some planted. . . for now there have been sunflowers, which didn't seem to mind the tap water too much.
    Happy Independence Day to you and yours!

  5. Oh, I'll definitely share the winter garden plans once we figure them out. I should be able to make SOME use out of the garden for at least half the winter.

    Your sunflowers are beautiful! Mine didn't last, but I think the box was too shallow for them. I have no idea what possessed me to buy every seed packet with the word "giant" on it. :) Next year I think we'll throw zinnia seeds everywhere, because I so love the color!

  6. Wow! What a difference!

    We're way behind you--still waiting for our first tomato harvest. But we are enjoying our herbs: basil rosemary, sage, thyme, and cilantro. And I know what you mean about tap water and rainwater. Fortunately we've had a few good, soaking storms this summer!

  7. Sparklee, those romas were transplants. The cherry tomatoes we grew from seed are just starting to produce, so we're probably right on track with you guys on those. Yay for herbs!!! I have a new love of thyme (we have lemon thyme, actually), because my oldest loves it. It was always my least favorite herb, and now I use it in everything.


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