Tuesday, June 7, 2011

In Bloom

It's going to be a slow week here on the blog.  I'm on antibiotics; we have a very old, very sick doggie; I'm way behind on a couple of projects; and Operation Get Rid of All this Crap is still in action.  I did, however, manage to put together a potfolio to wrap up our first year.  Ella is so proud of it.  I hope to have a post on that later this week.  It all depends how our vet appointment tomorrow goes.

BUT . . . 

To brighten my day and yours, here are a few pretties from around my house:

Lace Cap Hydrangea

I'm pretty sad.  It doesn't look this nice anymore.
Most of the blooms are falling off.


Ella's favorite "mustache flowers"

A baby zinnia
These giants are much larger now.

Yeah, everyone has them, but I love this particular variety.

They're over 8 ft. tall now.
Happy Day.


  1. I was browsing SHS and found your blog. The flowers are so beautiful. Mine are struggling because we are in a severe drought. We live in the country and only have well water. We have to water the animals first, then our use, so my flowers get what, if there is any, left over water!

    Sorry to hear you and the doggie are both not doing so great. Hope you get better soon, and have a super week.

    Happily Homeschooling my special needs sweetie!

    My Attempt at Blogging

  2. Thanks, Jackie! We're in a drought as well (I think they said we're 4 ft. below normal), and my veggies are not doing so well without rain. My flowers, however don't seem to mind the tap water. Thanks for stopping by!


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