Friday, July 8, 2011

Beginner Hand Sewing

My original plan was to learn to knit with Ella this summer, but it's so hot I don't even want to look at yarn at the moment.  She did some finger knitting and practiced rolling up balls of yarn, so it isn't like we're not doing any handwork, just not knitting with needles.  Yet.  (I also gave it a shot on my own and, ahem, failed.  Miserably.)  And they don't want to paint and draw every day, so what do you do when it's unbearably hot on those looooong July afternoons?  You sew, of course.

Nope, not a real needle or thread.  Mostly because I don't want the three year old anywhere near a real needle for now, and the two of them can't seem to do anything separately anymore.  Ever.  It is adorable and infuriating at the same time.  But this seems like a good enough introduction to the skill anyway.

Plastic needle
Foam-type coasters from the dollar store

Thirty minutes of peace and quiet.
Ahhhhhhh . . .


  1. You can also try tapestry needles (they have a blunt tip--I've given them to Grace, it'll take work to hurt yourself with them) with yarn or crochet thread or the ribbon--the eye is big enough--or perle cotton. You can try vegetable netting and/or burlap when the coasters aren't interesting to them anymore. Oh, LOADS of things you all can do--have fun!! :) And thanks for the reminder, I should get out the sewing stuff for my 7yo again and see if he wants to give it another try, maybe it will give ME a half hour break too!!

  2. Cool idea! I also like the burlap suggestion above. I need to get over my sewing-phobia so my kids and I can do some projects together!

  3. I love this idea! How cute. My little guy is working on fine motor skills (he has dysgraphia) and I got him a Build- a- Bear from JoAnn's that you sew yourself. It is a pirate bear, so it looks boyish. I also got him a plastic canvas picture of a puppy for him to practice stitching.

  4. Sweet that they want to do things together--maybe they don't even argue? :)
    This is a GREAT idea. I need to get some of our sewing things out to encourage them to NOT ask for computer time. . .my soon-11-girl is getting a sewing kit of her very own for her bday in august. :)

  5. Ooh, burlap. Good idea!

    Ah, yes, the build-a-bear. Someone gave Ella one for Christmas and she was so proud that she sewed it shut. I knew we were on our way to fun stuff!

  6. Oh, April, you know they NEVER fight. ;-)

    We haven't been doing much computer time this summer, but I've heard the dreaded "I'm bored," from the oldest, who is never ever bored. So, sewing. Hmm, I'm wondering if mine would like a sewing kit for her Sept birthday . . .


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