Friday, July 1, 2011

Easy Art Display

For years, I have complained about the lack of color in our living room.  I am by no means afraid of color on my walls, but I like having a sort of neutral color on the living room walls so I can change the feel of the room with the seasons or my mood without having to worry about matching the wall color.  The problem?  I just never found a way to add enough color in that room and keep it having that minimalist feel that I love.

A while back we had a string in Ella's room so she could hang up her creations.  At some point, we took it down because we rearranged her room, the string was too low, or whatever.  So one day while I was bemoaning the lack of color in our living area, it hit me.  Duh.  Why don't we hang the kids' artwork there?  

Again . . .  Duh.

Of course, I wanted something simple and easy to change often (weekly, at least).  Re-enter the classic string and clothespins:

String, eye hooks (or just nails or screws), and clothespins.  It doesn't get much easier than that.  Now, before you wonder if that would look tacky in your main living area, keep in mind that you don't even really see the string.  All you see is the kids' art.

We were able to bring color to a bare wall, show off their work, and keep visible inspiration and a reminder to keep making art.  And it makes a nice dinner conversation piece right behind the table, yes?

I'm thinking we might pimp some clothespins later this summer.  I'm thinking scrapbook paper scraps and some homemade mod podge (I have a recipe for it that I've been meaning to try out anyway).  Then again, I don't want to distract from all their lovely creations!


  1. I like that idea! We just hung up a bunch of framed artwork by the kids (although I have two more and I ran out of steam/places--I think they may go into my bedroom) and we have two in the dining room that replaced one of mine from my art minor days. I love looking at them--they're so energetic and vibrant.

  2. I think I'd like to frame some too one day. For now, I like the quick change easy of this, but I wouldn't mind having some framed that I change only once a year or so.


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