Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A List

  • The girls now share a room.  Best move ever.  They were spending all their time together anyway, and now I don't have to hear, "My room, my rules!" anymore.
  • Fried green tomatoes = Awesomeness  (especially when they are your own green tomatoes salvaged from your own garden)
  • I found a new use for old t-shirts and no longer used cloth diapers.  Dog diapers.  Need I say more?
  • I placed a fedco seed order this week for our fall/winter garden.  I am giddy over the idea of purple cauliflower.  And brussel sprouts, of course.  Ella would never forgive me if I forgot the brussel sprouts.
  • Giant purple zinnias in mason jars make me smile.
  • Is there a twelve step program for Pinterest?   Oh, I added button to follow me on pinterest (or to request an invite if you aren't a member.  I love, love, love pinning all the great tutorials, recipes, and project ideas I find around the web.  I struggle searching through my bookmarks, and since I'm a visual person the pinboards work perfectly.
  • I have done ZERO planning this month for next year.  Thankfully, I did my yearly and monthly  planning in the spring, because I have taken a complete mental break from school this summer.  As soon as I finish decluttering the house, I'll get back to it.  We may or may not start the first week of august as planned . . . especially since I haven't even sent in my letter of intent yet.  Either way, the summer break has been good for me.  I hope you're all enjoying the summer as well!


  1. Well, since I follow you on Pinterest, I have a clean washing machine. Do you know, since I cleaned it, it doesn't smell funny anymore? Go figure.

  2. Please don't make me think about doggie diapers.

    ps. I LOVE Pinterest!

  3. So does that mean you have a spare room now? To use as you wish?

    About the old t-shirts...I was just wondering, do you tie them on? Did you cut a hole for the tail? Did your dog put up with it? Or did he run back and forth under the coffee table until he managed to scrape the thing off? No reason, just wondering. ;)

    You are one of the earliest planners I know! So I think you can afford a break! Enjoy it!

  4. Ugh. It took me like three hours to clean that darn washing machine and I had to still go at it with a toothbrush. It's SO much better, but it still grosses me out. It's over ten years old though, so I guess I should just be grateful it still works!

  5. Sparklee, I have a boy dog, and we really just needed one of those belly bands for pee. (Sorry, Deb . . . look away for this conversation.) He really is the best dog ever; we do something once with him and he's pretty much trained. Plus, he's older than dirt, so, you know, he doesn't do much running around or anything. Basically, I cut a long, doubled rectangle from the shirt, attach some velcro on each end, and lay a folded baby diaper (one of the regular old flat ones) inside. He knows to stand still when he comes inside, I wrap it around is middle, and he pretty much just lies there until I take it off and let him out.

    And thanks. I did the early planning because I knew I needed a mental break, but I wouldn't be able to take one if I hadn't done some planning ahead of time. Plus, they start school SO early down here, and we kind of keep with that.

  6. Wow, that was way more than anyone probably wanted to know. Sorry.

    And no, not a free room. They share a very small bedroom, so the other room is now their playroom. Still, so far it's a much better setup.

  7. Why had I never heard of this magical place called pinterest!?!?!? If it's wasn't 1am I would be glued to it. Thanks for lettin' us know!

  8. pinterest looks like a very dangerous place to me. :)
    great list, and i DO hope the girls' shared room works out for the long haul . . .if i had a quarter for every room change my kids have come up with in the five years in this house. . .
    it IS a blessing that they're enjoying each other!

  9. Pinterest needs a "Welcome to the dark side," tagline. :)

    April, I think it almost has to change as they get older, and I'm sure it will again in this house. Then again, I remember how often I rearranged my own room as a kid . . . my mom would walk in one afternoon and find that I'd moved around all the furniture by myself. Frequent change is inevitable in this family, I guess.


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