Wednesday, August 10, 2011

August Plans

Focus for August - Review
(These are by no means all the books we read or all the activities we do, but these are the main things I have planned for using my monthly block planner.  I won't include music or p.e. or anything like that unless we include unit specific activities.  If they aren't listed here, assume we are keeping up with piano lessons, physical activities, nature studies, French songs & games, and handwork as mentioned in our curriculum outline.)

Stories - Cajun Folktales & Trickster Tales

Independent Reading - Charlotte's Web

Writing/Form Drawing - review straight and curved line forms; introduce running forms

Spelling - Review Fry's 1st 100 words

Grammar - nouns

Math - Math Mammoth addition & subtraction review

Art - animal & landscape drawings; painting with red, yellow, and orange


  1. Yay for plans! Looks fun--I enjoy seeing your Louisiana-specific activities. I'm so ignorant and helpless on the culture here, being a transplant!
    Hope it's going GREAT!

  2. What's sad is that I have lived here most of my life and I STILL had to look up the story of Evangeline, because I couldn't remember a lot of it. And I can't believe I had never heard those Lapin stories. They're so much fun, and I now understand a few phrases I've heard over the years that never made sense to me!


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