Monday, August 8, 2011

Where We Learn

This is not a school room post, simply because we have no school room.  I'm not even sure I would want one.  You see, I'm quite a fickle girl.  One day I like doing our work with clipboards on the couch, another day I like the kitchen table, and the next (I'm dreaming of cooler weather here) I might want to spend the morning outside with our books (or without books, which is so much better sometimes).  

Instead of a school room, we have a place where we keep all our stuff . . .

and a place where mama does her planning . . . 

(Actually, I don't do a lot of planning there; I take my binders or folders or laptop on the couch or even in my bed and spread them out while I get comfy with my coffee or tea for my planning sessions.)

and a place where we keep some of our books (the rest are on bookshelves throughout the house) . . .

That bag houses our new tent.
Yes, I still have trouble getting the little one to put books away properly.
Proof, I think, that I need and deserve a house elf.

and then we have the kitchen table, our go-to spot for sit-down work.

And this is our school buddy. . .

He's pretty much there all the time, because he's old and he can't move past that bed anyway. 
So. Our school buddy. :)

There you have it!  These are all the places we learn.

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  1. I just can't believe it's not-back-to-school time yet! I am whatever the opposite of counting down the days is, to August 30, which is when we're supposed to start (there I go, hedging again). That seems soon enough!!

  2. We tend to "migrate" all over the house, too, even though we have a designated school room. I love reading with the kids on the living room couch or taking our work outside. I used to plan in bed, too. But lately I really need good light and my ergonomic chair. Middle age is tough! :)

    Aaw! Your school buddy is adorable!

  3. Looks good! Sweet picture of your school buddy. I'm stopping by from the (Not)Back to School blog hop.

  4. Oh, my husband is ALWAY fussing at me for not using enough light. Usually while he's handing me my reading glasses.

  5. I love your school buddy! Ours (Lacy the WonderDog) isn't old, but she usually hangs out with us all day, too. :)

  6. Great room!! That paint color is wonderful too.

  7. My only school buddy complaint is that he's a bit of a smelly dog, partly because he's and outside dog and partly because . . . well, let's just say he's old. :) Other than that, we love having him around for lessons!

    Ah, yes. We love that color, too. It was definitely inspired by a beach trip last year, and the girls picked that color to paint the room last summer before our first year.

  8. oooh! Your spaces are uncluttered and look super-organized. You're almost local, can we arrange an organizing visit? :)
    I didn't realize the blog hop was happening. May have to get a post up for THAT other than the "before and during" thing I just put up.
    Happy learning-start-up(as if it ever really ends!)!

  9. April, I promise it doesn't always look like that! I spent two weeks last month getting rid of stuff and reorganizing the office. And you know what? It STILL feels cluttered to me!

  10. OOOH I love your thinking of not having a school room! I'm with ya!!! Especially when it comes to learning outdoors! We take advantage of going to our local living history farms museum to spend time learning outdoors, and occasionally bring books. Yesterday my girl read her science about farm animals in the one room school house and then rode the wagon pulled by tracter out to farms to see cows and pet calves. It was GREAT! And we have many learning days just sitting under our big tree out front or on our front steps! Love the flexibility!!!

  11. We have a school room, but school at the table. I like to spread out too when doing my planning!

  12. SOOOO like me! We DO have a school room that rarely gets used for school! LOL


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