Sunday, September 18, 2011


I'm not sure why, but 8 feels so big.  I hear seven and nine are milestone ages, but 8.  8, is freaking me out.  I think it's because so much has changed during the past year since we started homeschooling.  We've all grown up a little.  I guess I'm just noticing how much now.

Anyway, it isn't all scary.  8 is pretty fun, too.  To celebrate, we had a Medieval party with several of her friends.  Everyone came dressed up.  It was super cute to see.

Ella and I made tunics (no-sew - cut a piece of folded muslin, snip a head opening, and tie with a corded belt) and she decorated some heraldry shields for the fronts.  (Those were made with my handy dandy xyron machine from my scrapbooking days, but maybe contact paper or just safety pins would work fine.)  The hula hoops hanging from the swing set?  Those were for "spear" (1" dowel) throwing.

When the kids arrived, we had them each pull a sword from the "stone." The number on the sword matched with a name and we gave them each a name tag so they could call each other by their funny names.  Ella was Lady Brock o' Lee, and Harper was Lady Ginger of Bread.  Hilarious.
(You can get the directions and a list of fun names here.)

They also made goblets and drank "mead" (apple juice and honey simmered with cinnamon and cloves, then strained, diluted with water, and chilled), which was a big hit.  Ella has been thanking me all weekend for the fun party.

After a quiet week of relaxing and lego-building, I'm ready to get back to life. (Is September really halfway over already????)
And to get used to the fact that I have an eight year old.


  1. Happy Birthday, Ella! It sounds like a great party.

  2. Happy Birthday to Ella! Love the medieval/King Arthur theme. :)

  3. Happy birthday to Ella!
    My baby boy hits 8 next month.
    Not sure I'm crazy about the idea, myself.


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