Thursday, September 29, 2011

George and the Dragon

As we continue our Medieval block, it seems only fitting to wrap up our knight studies on Michaelmas.  Now, I'm not terribly traditional and we tend to take a laid back approach to festivals and celebrations, so  today was just a celebration of knights and dragons and bravery.  We just finished our knights lapbooks, so this was a great way to wrap things up.

First, we read Margaret Hodges' Saint George and the Dragon. I love all of her books, and this one is particularly fantastic.  Great vocabulary and Ella loved the illustrations.  After we read it we had a little talk about bravery and ways we can be brave, even without dragons to fight.  You could introduce the dragon metaphor and ask your kids what their dragons are, but I didn't.  Next year, maybe.

If you're looking for an explanation of what Michaelmas and St. Michael have to do with St. George and the dragon (I had no idea), there's a good post about that today at The Magic Onions.

Then, because I love the movie and I've been dying to watch it with Ella, we're watching George and the Dragon tomorrow night.  I love James Purefoy.  And really, it's worth it just for the horrendous accents and Patrick Swayze's mullet.
Pure Awesomeness.

What we're not doing is making dragon bread.  I think if I tried to form some sticky gluten-free dough into anything recognizable I'd break down and cry halfway through the process.


  1. We have that St. George & The Dragon book and we like it too. And I don't blame you on the dragon bread. Gosh, Waldorf, they love their bread, don't they? Any excuse for bread!

  2. We love the movie George and The Dragon! So fun.


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