Friday, September 2, 2011


The rain is starting to fall now, and I'm sitting at home amazed at the speed and ease with which we can prepare for a storm.  After a quick trip to the gas station, bank, and grocery store yesterday, it seems like we're ready to call it a quiet weekend at home.  At the very least, even if we don't loose power or get stuck here due to flooding (which is pretty likely, since our road is prone to flash flooding even in drought conditions like we have now), we won't be leaving the house to run errands.  Lucky for me, I have a box of gluten free crackers and snacks stored away for just this type of occasion, since none of the stores close to us have much of that.  So, when we woke up this morning, we were completely prepared for anything this developing storm could throw our way.

Oh, yeah.  Except for a house full of sick people.

Nothing major.  Just fevers and head colds and sore throats.  We picked up some books on hold from the library and a few movies to keep the kiddos resting and occupied this weekend.  It looks like I'll have plenty of time to rest in bed and plan the rest of our Medieval block.

So, it looks like we're prepared.  All that's left is to bake a couple loaves of bread (yay!  An excuse to try out a new teff recipe!), boil a ton of eggs and make egg salad, and make a few extra trays of ice.  Just in case.  We have plenty of everything else.  Including wine for mama, should this headache ever disappear (go, valerian, go!).  Oh, and basil.  No, it isn't on any emergency preparedness list (although it is great for rubbing on bug bites to ease the itching), but we have loads of it.

Seriously, I cut this stuff back almost every week!

My kitchen window is always happy.
My freezer is filled with pesto.  We chop it fresh on top of everything.  I'm even using some tonight in a Thai soup concoction (good for the sick people) and in some spring rolls.  I'm even going to try some cocktails with strawberry, basil, and vodka.  But my garden is still filled with the stuff, and don't think the heat is letting up down here any time soon!  So, I ask you . . .

What are your favorite uses for basil?  Got any recipes or meal ideas to share?


  1. Lee, right? I was confused, because I thought Katia was farther out, so I went to and lo and behold when the heck did Lee slip in? I'm glad you're prepared. (There are people up here who STILL don't have power.)

    No idea on the basil. I don't like pesto. It always seems like a good idea--oil and garlic and basil, yum!--but in reality it's always Too Much Basil.

    Hey, did you see the GF pancake recipe on popptalk?
    Will you do ricotta? And you'd have to replace the egg. I'm trying it this weekend, I think!

  2. Oh, no! Tropical storm plus sick equals not fair! Hope everyone is feeling better soon!

    Wow--I'm going to show my puny little basil plants your photos for inspiration!

    My favorite basil recipe is the classic tomato, mozzarella, and basil salad. The very essence of summer!

  3. I like a tiny smear of pest on a sandwich, but I know what you mean Amy. Pesto can be quite potent.

    Oh, Sparklee, my purple and genovese basil plants (the ones that did grow) are quite pathetic. The lemon and lime ones I planted back in March in the raised beds and they grew like crazy under the tomato plants.

    Mmm, I agree, on the salad. Unfortunately the heat killed off all the tomato plants two months ago. :(

  4. How do you get your basil to grow in such abundance? I have had trouble for the last two years. Tried inside and out, it dies or doesn't spread or grow.


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