Tuesday, September 27, 2011

September Slump

I'm trying to get my feet under me again.  The September birthday frenzy is over, but that means October is upon us.  I love that October means we finally get a break from the heat.  And fall IS my favorite season.  But that also means it's time to sew costumes and crank up the busy three month holiday season, and it also means a month of Daddy working six-day weeks.  Boo.  And this year, we're planning our first camping trip and a visit to the Texas Renaissance Festival.  Basically, I'll wait to breathe in January.

But it's not all planning and holiday craziness.
  • I had some major gluten-free hamburger bun recipe success.  I don't have tart pans, so I just formed little rounds on a baking sheet.  Soft and not crumbly.  Served with black bean and lentil burgers.  Hooray!
  • While reading about the Medieval Period, we ran across this book while browsing through the library.  What's interesting about that?  The author is my dad's first cousin.  I knew he was a writer and we have some of his older books, but I had no idea he started this series of children's books.  Small world, right?
  • Math is still my nemesis.  Mostly subtraction.  So we've decided to take a break from the harder subtraction lessons to review those fact families and do something less stressful for her, like telling time or basic geometry.
  • I'm planting a potato.   Yes, I said A potato.  One.  Singular.  I kept one of the potatoes my grandfather grew earlier in the year, let it sprout, and I'm going to plant it in a five gallon bucket.  That way I can see where it does best in the yard before we consider a more permanent potato house. 
  • In other garden news, we have cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, and brussel sprout babies growing in seed pots.  I don't know how I'm going to bring myself to rip out the basil and zinnias to make room for them. 
  • Total randomness.  I think I finally found a recipe for dishwasher detergent that actually works and doesn't leave behind that crusty hard water buildup.  I'm not confident enough to pass it along yet, but if you're struggling with the same thing, know that there is hope.
  • Ok, I promise to be a better blogger.  I feel like I'm finally getting back in some of our regular routines, so I'd like to get my writing routines settled, too.  This is the first year in a while that I'm not doing NaNoWriMo (we're skipping the Young Writers Program also this year), so I should be able to blog like a normal person in October and November this year.  Yay!  Well, as normal as I can be.  I'm still me.  


  1. Re: September Slump - I am so right there with you.

    A lot of my friends that are my age have kids in high school (because I am a thousand years old), and they complain quite bitterly about algebra. They don't seem to understand that the true enemy is Subtraction.

    Subtraction! Gah!

  2. What is this, Texas Renaissance Festival? I would love to know more about this. How fun!!!

  3. Marcie - http://www.texrenfest.com/
    Much fun!

    Deb - I saw an outline for an online math curriculum, and while I really didn't like it, I did like that it had the more complicated subtraction concepts (beyond basic facts) way later than most. I read somewhere recently that it's a harder concept and kids aren't developmentally ready for most of it at the ages we typically teach it. I need to let it go for a while.
    Now, multiplication . . . that's fun, apparently. Go figure.


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