Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sick Day Randomness

I din't want to post today, but I didn't want to leave yesterday's post up for long.  I can't believe I even put that picture up, although I won't take it down because, hey, that's life.  The photo itself is awful (three sarcastic cheers for bathroom lighting!) and I look awful.  I just can't seem to shake this fever.  It's low at least, and the sore throat is easing, but I'm seriously dragging. At least we were able to go through the kids' clothes today after school.  Because, you know, there's a low of like sixty degrees, so the girls had to get out boots and pants and jackets.  Yes, I said "boots."  Tall, furry boots, for sixty degrees.  Yes, indeed.

The yard is still a mess from Lee, but we could have fared a lot worse.  I will take a few sticks and branches in the yard any day over downed trees and flooding.  Also, sending good thoughts to all of our friends in Texas.  What a crazy summer.

For those of you wondering about all the basil, I have no idea why it was so happy.  The other types of basil in other areas did not grow as well, so I'm thinking the success had to do with:

  • cutting early and often
  • the soil mix in that raised bed (top soil and compost, heavy on the compost, but I don't remember the exact ratio I used)
  • morning sun - the basil on one side of the raised bed grew better that the basil on the other side, even though they both received sun all day
  • early start - the stuff's been in the garden since March 1st
  • companion planting - despite everything saying it needs full sun, my basil grew in the shade of the bushiest tomato plant (also, coincidentally, facing that precious morning sun); it really liked those 'maters

Now I'm off to heat up more tea and maybe fold some clothes before I call it a day.  Wait, can I call it a day at 3pm?  Think the kids will buy that?

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