Friday, October 28, 2011

Fall in Louisiana

Fall.  I love it.  It's my favorite season.  Well, when it's around.  You see, fall down here is a bit of a tease.  It might be forty degrees one morning, and eighty-four degrees two days later.  It's frustrating.  Wardrobe-wise, it's a freaking nightmare.   I had to take the kids' warm clothes out of storage, but I can't put the summer stuff away yet, so their drawers are overflowing.  And since the cool-but-warm weather sticks around forever and things actually start to bloom again, fall allergies are as evil as spring allergies.

BUT . . .

I will say that this is a nice place to have a garden.

Still growing strong!  Those are the zinnias Harper is reaching for.  They weren't kidding when they called them the "giant" variety.  It actually looks a bit bare to me right now, because I finally gathered up the nerve to dig up all my basil.  *sniff* sniff*  Oh well, it wasn't going to grow much more anyway, and I was having to fight it from going to seed constantly anyway.  I have plenty of pesto, so I dried some and froze some in ice trays for later.  What's left in the garden?  A zucchini plant that isn't doing much of anything.  A TON of marigolds that self-seeded and went crazy a few weeks ago.  A couple of bush bean plants that gave us . . . wait for it . . . four beans.  Yeah, not worth it.  I just planted some peas, and well see how they do in the fall. There was no point plating them earlier this year, because our spring is way too short.  Oh, and this guy . . .

I bought this jalapeno pepper plant for a dollar on the clearance rack in July or August.  I plopped it in my raised bed, got two peppers off of it, and it's making peppers again.  Well worth it.

In the other bed my strawberry plants are still happy, and there's lots of lettuce and radishes coming up. Also, I see cilantro here and there from seeds I threw down in the spring as an older plant died off.  There's also some swiss chard in there.  Rainbow chard.  :)

I have lots of seed babies, too.  Broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, and purple cauliflower (really excited about that one).   Being able to grow veggies nearly all winter (probably all winter if I get that cold frame up), is definitely taking away some of the crankiness I feel about our schizophrenic fall.


  1. you've given me hope. got to get my "gardener" on some veggies--maybe this weekend. :)
    oh, and happy "Fall"!

  2. Happy fall to you too, April! Loving this cool snap?

    It's the box, I'm telling you. I was the worst gardener EVER before that raised bed. Plenty of time left to plant for winter! :)


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