Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Lunar New Year!

Celebrate the Lunar or Chinese New Year and the beginning of the Year of the Dragon with us:

photo by William Murphy
  • Read about dragons, write stories about them, or practice drawing them.
  • Sweep away all of last year's bad luck!  Ok, so I didn't have time to clean my whole house today, but I made sure to dust, sweep, and shake all my mats outside.  Bye-bye last year's dirt and dust!
  • Write happy poems to welcome spring (although we seem to have skipped winter, here in Louisiana).  Decorate the house with red papers decorated with poems and the Chinese characters for spring or good luck.
  • Eat dumplings for good luck.  (We skipped this one this year.  But I ate my cabbage and black eyes on January first like a good Southern girl. Tonight I'm cooking a vegetable soup, a red one . . . red is for good luck also!)
  • Try to guess the Chinese zodiac sign for each family member, then read up on your signs.  The kids thought it was very funny that mommy is a snake, considering my well-known fear of them.
No time today?  That's ok.  Some Chinese New Year celebrations last up to fifteen days, so take the whole week to celebrate!

Happy New Year!!!

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