Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Pink and 4

So, my baby girl is 4 today.

And she is definitely all about pink.

Pink twirly skirts, and pink legos, and a pink Leapster.

Pink, pink, pink, pink.

Have I ever mentioned how this was so not me?  How the pink aisle at the toy store has always made me want to puke?  How my oldest is more into bugs and dirt and icky stuff and nothing girly at all (although she is quite fond of the color pink now, although only as it applies to her clothing and only if it deliberately does not match anything else she's wearing)?

A friend recently shared a link to this article about gender-free toys.  A few short years ago I would have had a completely different opinion about the subject, and I probably would have had a few negative things to say about the evils of marketing and gender-typing.  Not that I don't still have a few of those same complaints, but, you see, that shining face up there in all the pink has taught me a lesson or two.  She has been exposed to far less media than my first child (and probably less than I was exposed to as a child) and we certainly did our best to offer her the same gender-neutral (and sometimes decidedly "boy" toys) that belonged to my oldest, yet she still came up with this strong affinity for all things pink.  I mean, the color pink made the top of her list of things she was thankful for in November.

Not that I have a problem with it.  I mean, how could I have a problem with that happy face?  It's just one more lesson she's here to teach me.  She's her own little person with her own little wishes and desires and opinions.  And that's that.


  1. Happy Birthday to your Pinky girl! :)
    I forgot our girls had the same bday!

  2. Happy birth day to you both! I remember when this one was born. :-) Happy, happy day!!

  3. Four! Such a great age, four. The end of three, for one thing. Three is the new Two, if you know what I mean.

    I didn't like pink AT ALL - until I had a little girl that insisted on having pink everything. Now I even choose it for myself, because I know she will like it.

  4. How sweet! Happy Birthday.

    BTW I agree with the gender typing thing!


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