Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Wee Bit of Food Growing

After seeing someone on Pinterest grow onions in a jar, I figured it was worth a shot.  Easiest gardening ever, right?  So I put the bottom ends of some store-bought green onions into a glass, filled it with water, and waited.  Let me tell you, I didn't have to wait long!

These suckers grow FAST!!!

I've replanted green onions in my garden before, but they usually look pretty anemic.  
Probably because I  
don't water them enough.
These puppies are ridiculously low maintenance, and they keep coming back!
But . . .

If you have allergy issues (like I do) this method could present a problem.
Plus, the water smells foul.
I change it regularly, and it still smells bad.
I will probably transfer them to a window pot with soil and just overwater them.

Other than that, I have no winter veggies to show.
Mostly because we have had very little in the way of winter down here.
But I do have lots of lettuce.
And gigantic radishes.

I think they're even bigger than last year's!

That's all for garden show and tell today.
I can't believe I'm already buying seeds and planning this spring/summer's garden.
Time, it's a-flyin'!


  1. I have seeds starting under a lamp on top of my refrigerator and some lettuce and radishes and a bit of spinach in the garden. Oh, and the basil invasion. I had a huge basil last fall and I didn't pull it up because the bees like the flowers, so it went to seed and I have basil like weeds. Freaky!

    I love your giant radish, and I'm wondering what variety it is.

  2. What a gorgeous radish!
    We were through your "neck of the woods" yesterday on the way to a homeschool meeting. It is REALLY spring over there!
    I'm kind of gloomy over the lack of winter this year...but there's still February, and that scares me since everything is bloomed out already!
    I want to see your LETTUCE!

  3. Theresa, that's wonderful! Now I'm wishing I'd let my basil go to seed outside. Instead, I cut it and it went to seed all over my kitchen windowsill. :)
    Oh, and the radishes are Burpee Crimson Giants. For some crazy reason I went and bought everything giant last year.

    April, funny how I come on here and talk about how we skipped winter and it was downright COLD yesterday! Lettuce pics coming . . .


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