Thursday, February 9, 2012

10 Things I've Learned from Pinterest

Follow Me on PinterestI love, love, love Pinterest.  It's so pretty, and educational, and useful, and . . . pretty.  I just love it.  For today's post, I figured I'd share a few interesting things I've learned since joining Pinterest.  Some items are blogging-related, others are Pinterest-use related, and the rest are totally random observations.

  1. You can learn a lot about a person from their pins.  Plus, you are not alone.  
  2. Pinning does not have to be a complete time suck.  It's easy to scroll away on there for hours until it's midnight and you're bleary-eyed, but I usually manage to control myself.  I give myself mini pinning breaks throughout the day.  Five minutes while I wait for the girls to pee and find their socks and shoes, so I don't nage them to hurry up so we can go to the store/park/whatever.   Ten minutes while I sip some tea mid-afternoon.  For quick breaks I limit myself to scrolling through just the people I follow.  I save searches or the "Everything" button for longer weekend breaks.
  3. Useful blog posts should absolutely have pictures.  There's nothing more frustrating that trying to pin something and realizing there are no pictures to pin.  Grrr.  I need to remember this with my own posts.
  4. Correction.  Nothing is more frustrating than clicking through a pin to find a broken link or (worse) that someone pinned the link to the entire site and not a specific post.  This could drive a girl to drink and pin.
  5. People really like Ryan Gosling.  For reals.  I don't get it.  Although some of those captions are pretty funny.
  6. I need to make a board for my own projects and articles.  I use my boards to organize everything else, so why not have all of my stuff where I can see and find it all in one place. 
  7. You can find out what people are pinning from your own site.  This is how I find mine:         Just change that last part to your own blog address.  
  8. Lots of people apparently want to make caves.  That's pretty cool.  It's also pretty special to me since this is one of the first activities we did as "official" homeschoolers.  I'm actually kind of weepy looking at it again.  Makes me want to find another big box.
  9. I need to take better photos. 
  10. All I really need some days is a good laugh.

So that's my list.  Anything you'd add?  What have you learned from Pinterest?


  1. I stay away from the "Everything" tab!

    Some of the things people have pinned from my kids/art blog are surprising to me--I think I've learned that the activities that seem pretty simple to me aren't, necessarily. Which is good to know!

  2. I agree with you 100% on number 5. I don't even know who the dude is, but those pictures are really funny to me.

    I would add
    11. People REALLY like Mason jars. You can turn a Mason jar into just about anything.

  3. Yeah, I generally save "everything" for sick days. And even then I don't find much that I like, so I like stick to the people I follow.

    Annette, I think it's because people loved The Notebook so much. I don't get that either. But I DO get the mason jar obsession! :)

  4. I did not know how to tell what had been pinned from my blog! Thanks for that!

    I love Pinterest, too! I have gotten so many recipes from there - it's completely simplified how I search for dinner ideas.

  5. Ahh . . . love my food board! I've got to figure a better way to organize it though, before it gets out of control.


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